June 13th, 2005

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A whole week already?

When we last caught a reliable glimpse of our heroine, she was freshly back from California, slightly sun-scorched (red about the face and a triangle of the chest, thanks to some unwise pinning of accessories baring formerly-creamy skin) and ready to wade back into the fray at work.

Friday, I was check-in at work.
Collapse )Cute Geek Super failed a major tact roll with figment0, and was given some impromptu after-hours uptraining by yours truly.

Saturday, I monitored.
figment0 mentioned that whatever I'd said to Cute Geek Super, it must have been pretty effective, because Cute Geek Super had apologized for any offense he might have caused, and it had actually resembled a real apology. I monitored my brains out, and there was plenty of cleaning up to get done afterwards.

Collapse )

When I'm left to myself with only my own creativity to keep me company, weird things come out of my head. Last time, it was Captain Davidson and a little backwater planet. (I'm still not sure what happens there, but she's been demanding my attention.) This time, some vegetables in my fried rice asked me why the Beanie Buddha should always be stuffed with mixed dried vegetables. Collapse ) amberfox and iroshi were both treated to this insight. Then I went to bed.

Sunday, I started out monitoring.
Collapse )Collapse )By midshift, Rules Lawyer Monitor had topped my "Oy, vey," with a "Meshuggana!" For my part, I already was. I chatted with this evening's desk guy, who's a friend of the social group when I went out for break. Just as we were getting into some good conversation about science fiction authors, my ankle twisted out from under me in my good tall-soled work shoes, and I went down faster than the Titanic (and without as much Leonardo DiCaprio pr0n), spilling orange Dew all over the desk, the monitor, the security guard, and the remains of my dignity. To add a nice cherry on top of the sundae of assorted BS, I get to be a stunning feature in the middle of the security guard's report -- the desk guy had to get my name so I could be high-lighted as an identity attached to "that supervisor chick who unexpectedly fell over". Gee. If the workplace cared about drug use, I'd probably have to get tested. (No drug use other than caffeine and the occasional off-work glass of something adult, but it would be a merry inconvenience, and I don't suffer bureaucratic bullshit kindly when I'm in a foul mood to start with.) Collapse )

I didn't get home until a quarter to nine at night; I'd left at half-past-seven in the morning. I think my brain hurts now. Darkside was home, but not entirely awake; he made up for this by being cranky as fuck when he answered the phone. Ahh, how good it is to be snarled at when one calls one's best friend. *grin*
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I need to get the scanner up and running so I can scan my work-related cartoons and then get them somewhere in some sort of organized format. I shared them with the Animation Acolyte today, because she was having a rough morning. Those seemed to cheer her up some.

I really like the artwork I did on my sketch of the dialer being fed coffee. There's a CD drive being employed as a cupholder, and a monitor has a really huge and scary grin. I drew it as a very nice rack with lots of blinkenlights and patch cable panels, so it's probably looking nothing like the actual dialer, but does look huge, scary, and computer-like. That was quite some time ago. I was working with pen on looseleaf college rule paper.

I'm fond of the humor form that goes $BAD_THING, [but it was compensated for by] $OTHER_BAD_THING. It took them forever to get dinner out to us, but they made up for that by overcharging us. Just because, um, not.

Yeah, I'm weird.

Eventually, I may deconstruct my humor and write it into an AI. It's been my ambition to write an AI of myself ever since classmates told me I was unpredictable and weird in middle school or freshman year high school, though at the time I was just going for a flowchart or a decision tree, but it looks like the exact sort of thing that neural nets were designed to calculate. I can write down my rules and trace the factors on most things. That may well be what got me started to deconstructing my mind as much as I did -- I wanted to know what made me tick as much as everyone else was boggled by it, because I wasn't boggled by it, and I wanted to be able to explain it so no one would be.
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LJ fixed their problem with my incoming text messages. Yay them. Phone has been named AzureGhost. I love technology.
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Tonight may be mushroom night. Tasty. Yay weekends. No overtime yesterday, but eh. Book now: Paladin of Souls.
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Current events (mostly mine)

Yes, he was found innocent.

The most I've been able to discern, from being exposed to CNN Headline News on the break room TV, and assorted gossip around here and there, is that innocent or guilty, Michael Jackson is just plain creepy, and I would avoid having any kid in my charge left in his charge, just on general principle.

Celebrity news is big, but after I've heard something once, I've heard it enough unless it's actually interesting, concerns me, or is happening to people I care about (i.e., if lmbujold were the type to have vastly personal details spread around in gossip-news form, I'd be dreadfully interested), but I don't really give a fuck about most of your modern superstar types. There are benefits to living without a television. (Drawbacks, too. I have to go elsewhere to get most of my media addiction fixes unless they come in downloadable or DVD format. I need Fight the Future on DVD.)

In other news, my plasma experience was painful. I got stuck in a way that felt like sideways, and then (when I kept blipping to no flow) when the needle was adjusted, it hurt worse. I'm usually fairly calm about the whole donation experience, and keep reading merrily away through as much of it as I can. I watch the whole process with interest, though I may look away for the stick.

The most I typically react, when stuck, is an indrawn hiss-of-breath. The adjustment process made me yelp. Now my arm aches.

It wound up being an underdraw and a slight red blood cell loss, and many hassled phlebotomists. This stick wasn't working, and don't have a good vein in my other arm, so they couldn't re-stick me, so I went off 300 mL of plasma less (rather than 903 mL less) with something that may be a lovely Technicolor bruise once it reaches the surface.

Tonight was going to be my cooking-with-trystan_laryssa night, but according to figment0, she and dustraven had other plans. What I may do is go hang with her while dustraven and figment0 do laundry.

Meanwhile, I have rather a lot of mushrooms, 3lb cherries, and Paladin of Souls calling my name.
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