June 14th, 2005

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Cookie puffs with Dee. "Dear god." "does god have anything to do with this?" wonton wrappers & dough. tasty! evil.
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Slumber party. Yay. Zombies. Vash and cookie puffs the yay. Bishies not home yet. Woo cookies. Tired.
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Things smell like Monday.

Sis came over with the Little Fayoumis, detailing all sorts of happy fun things. eris_raven has bonded with Clover, and is really enjoying having the wilds of Colorado partially at her disposal. I showed off my birthday card from Darkside. The Little Fayoumis is reading by himself in his head now, which thrills me.

Tonight was indeed a fried mushroom night with trystan_laryssa. The boys went and washed laundry and played some game involving world domination, dice-rolling, and armies with monsters. I decided we needed chicken to go with the mushrooms; we went out for chicken, and came back with not only chicken, but also Dew, strawberries, cream cheese, chocolate chip cookie dough, and a few other things that are escaping my tired brain.

We had been making crab puffs with the wonton wrappers that were left over from last time. It was late enough that I had gotten even a little past the stage where I think it's hilariously funny to put random things up my nose. (I think Freud does not cover "nasal-retentive" as a developmental stage?) This meant that I had a sudden insight: what if we wrapped up cookie dough in wonton wrappers and deep-fried it? I thought it was an excellent plan. trystan_laryssa thought it was disgusting, and doomed to certain failure, but she was tired enough to entertain the notion.

The cookie puffs were scarily delicious. "These need whipped cream!" she declared. I pointed out that cream cheese was close enough. I experimented with various forms of wrapping. We watched far too much Trigun. It was definitely a slumber party.

The men did not return until nearly 6 in the morning. dustraven wanted to try the cookie puffs. Yay cookie puffs! I am sure that somewhere, someone else has independently come up with cookie puffs, if not by that name. I'm not sure what sort of logic train would lead to that, though, and I'm not entirely sure that I want to.

Things like this demonstrate why I very much do not need drugs. If I can have this kind of insane insight, the sort of insane insight that people usually do not get unless they are stoned out of their little brain cells, while I'm dead sober, then I would probably be dangerous if I were self-medicated and not under the care of a trained professional.
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Father's Day

Why does Father's Day not get half the bad press that Mother's Day does? On Mother's Day you've got the sincere sentiment, and you've got all the people who wish they could just quietly ignore the day, but they're feeling pressured by the Media-Based Marketing Machine to do something to celebrate it, even if they fucking hate their insane bitches of mothers. So there's a whole lot of resentment around it, same with St. Valentine's Day.

But Father's Day seems to slide by without any grudgery if it's not actively celebrated. I wonder why that is.
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Non-canon food

On the phone with amberfox a few weeks ago, I mentioned the mushroom recipe, and how I had to re-create it, and how I had a decent chance at doing this because I'd gotten a decent schooling from Dad in the ways of basic Chinese cooking. This led into the differences I noticed between real Chinese food and buffet-style Chinese food. Specifically, I pointed out that crab puffs, which have cream cheese, couldn't be "authentic", because of the traditional Oriental attitude towards milk and its food value (nil). But they're an accepted part of Chinese cookery now, at least in takeout and buffet restaurants.

"They're ... they're ... they're fanon!" I declared.

amberfox cracked up.

After we recovered, we explored this new analogy. The authentic places that serve any ethnic food the way you could find it in the source culture are canon. The things that everybody think of as being authentic, but you'd never find in the source culture, or you'd have not found it there five years ago, those are fanon. Things like french fries at a Chinese buffet? Those? Those are Mary Sues.

I think pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough is a Mary Sue on the field of American cookery to start with. To wrap that like a wonton and deep-fry it (given that I suspect deep-fried anything is a bit fanon when it comes to authentic Chinese cooking)? That's a Darth Mary Sue.

(And it's so good.)
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Yay food! Pizza Arbiter (again)

ataniell93 reminded me of the Pizza Arbiter, which is useful for if you ever want to have pizza with me.

This would be more useful for large groups, of course, if you could specify a number of people to share one pie, and it could sort for maximum compatibility (which might be a traveling salesman problem, but it could make a decent guess), but it's a decent tool if you have a small crowd with similar tastes, or you don't happen to remember your buddies' tastes offhand but they've got them stored.

I need to poke figment0, dustraven, and trysan_laryssa to enter their preferences over there, to make figment0's pizza-ordering experiences easier.
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Administrative fun

I have a number of shiny new icons thanks to the whole thing where permanent accounts now get 100 icons. Of them, I think this one's one of my very favorites, though I do like the "Food pr0n" one.

My LJ use now corresponds with my work schedule, basically. I work Thursday through Sunday (a 4 day week, but it's intense), and have errands and writing group on Wednesdays. This means that comments queue up in my inbox for Monday and Tuesday, if they're things that don't require my immediate attention, or don't have an immediate answer that I can pop off the top of my head.

Near unto nothing goes on from Friday to Saturday, because that's a late shift followed by an early shift. This is some delightful scheduling ickiness.

I tend to be online late at night, after I get home from work, or in the late morning or early afternoon between the time when I wake up and when I go to work.

I can post from my phone, but do not get comments there. If there's something urgent I need to hear about and you suspect I'm not near the computer, text message me via the LJ text message thingy as well as IMing, e-mailing, or commenting. Text posts from my phone have the phone icon (all e-mail posts of mine have the phone icon) and will be 130 characters or less (roughly two lines on my journal view).

Hi to new arrival people! I notice one new person who's clearly showing up via the List.
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