June 17th, 2005

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Paladin of Souls spoke to me.
The Hallowed Hunt ... in some weird way, is me.

I shall have to beg my bondmate to reconsider his stance on Her Ladyship's non-Vorkosigan books.
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Security camera saw me fall on ass. & "social skills of a cockroach wearing christmas lights."
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Security Camera

My 25-years-older clone left the bullpen to go home, and then I realized that I had a question to ask her. So I jogged after her, poked my head out of the security door into the main lobby, and asked the Cute Desk Guy if he'd seen -- Oh! There she is! And I did a little happy butt-waggling dance of triumph.

Cute Desk Guy snickered. He let me know that my older clone had come out this door not two minutes before, and had done that exact same little dance. Furthermore, he said, it was on video -- the security camera in the lobby is not just monitored every now and then, it's always on.

I looked at him.

I turned pink.

I started giggling.

I, Unexpectedly-Falls-On-Ass Girl, am on video tape doing same from when I did that the other day.