June 18th, 2005

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Witchery at work

There's a lady who works dayshift who looks exactly as I'll probably look twenty-five years from now. We have the same general body type, features, hair color, hair style, and cheerful outlook on life. Since we share a desk (she has the desk in the morning, I have the desk in the evening) on weekdays I do check-in, we've gotten to know each other somewhat, and we get along swimmingly.

She has a teenage (early teenage, it sounds like) daughter. The daughter's evidently expressed a teenage-rebellion interest in witchcraft.

"Does she know how much work it takes to be a witch?" I asked.

Evidently not.

Evidence suggests that said teen may be casting spells at or about "the plastics" -- the fakey-fakey clique girls infesting the high school. I gave some tips on redirecting her energies into something more productive, ie, not shooting herself in the foot by cursing the bitches, but rather trying to get some kindness and enlightenment into their narrow little lives. The worst she can really go with that, at least, is having kindness and enlightenment thrust unwillingly into her own life, and if things do work as planned, maybe they'll stop being such utter bitches.

I told my elder clone to have the kid search up "the threefold law", and told her I'd be perfectly happy to check out some of the websites the kid was talking about that her friends had linked her to, to make sure the sites are on the up-and-up and are ethically sound.

If it's this kid's true calling, I'll be happy to point her in a good direction. If it's not her true calling, better she find out so sooner rather than later, and at the hands of someone with good intentions and a willingness to treat dumbass kids with both patience and firmness rather than at the hands of someone of dubious ethical background and/or a more scorched-earth approach to clearing up misconceptions.

Methinks I'd better get that Magicgeeking 101 whipped into shape pronto.

Any more suggestions for things I should include in a base-level magicgeeking document that is intended to strike Clue into the hearts of clueless teenagers, and defuse the paranoias of parents who don't know jack about assorted witchery?
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Exhaustion + allergies + something going around the workplace = one Lunatic who is not safe for work.

Not a happy camper right now. Coffee's not going to fix this. I'm going to take some decongestants, a big glass of water, and go back to bed until I feel human again...
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grammar bitch

Public service announcement:

LJ has a spell-checker. Built-in. Most clients feature one. If you know your spelling is substandard, for the love of Pete, USE IT! Especially if you're posting in, oh, say, a COMMUNITY.

This passive-aggressive bitch-post brought to you courtesy of my NOT directly flaming some of the clue-negatives in certain comms that I run.
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Awake, alive, and ... transported! Request for good links on violence victims' advocates.

V is catsitting in Brooklyn for a week.
I pick her up, um, sometime on Monday the 27th instead of tomorrow.

Blogging resources for victims' advocates (domestic violence, sexual abuse, violent crime, etc.) got any good links? V's doing a presentation on journal writing in the context of victims' advocacy, and wants to include a few good links in her lecture. There are plenty of websites on survival of violent crimes, but I'm not finding so many blogs with that theme.
http://www.recoverysitelocator.20fr.com/domestic.html is a list of links that look promising, though the site itself has pop-ups.
http://www.growing.com/nonviolent/ -- has a large list of resources that looks promising
http://www.stopdv.com/articles.htm -- more resources
Personal blog: ginmar often talks about women's issues, including domestic violence and rape; warning: blogger is angry.
http://www.cmre.net/a/page3.html -- Christian-focused abuse resources
http://www.advocateweb.org/hope/default.asp -- for recovery from abuse by professionals who should know better

In other news, I may be having Tigereye go with V, either permanently or temporarily. Details to be discussed later. I love being helpful!

PSA: LJ ScrapBook

status says: ScrapBook's down, they know about it. So my pretty rose background isn't showing up; Ro's background won't be showing up; other stuff won't be showing up either.

This has been an announcement courtesy of the Lunatic "I refresh my friends page every time the little pencil starts blinking" service.
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...no blinking wonder.

Guess what week of the month every couple months, give or take a month, it is? Thaaaat's right, Bitchy Witchy Week!

So it might not be the Office Illness after all. And once I have some ibuprofen in my system, along with plenty of water, I should be trucking right merrily along!
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Another inescapable evening

This evening was shopping, mostly. Since I was not in physical or mental condition to work (I finally woke up feeling refreshed and not like dying or making anyone else die sometime after 2 pm, and shift ends at 4:30) I slept, then attempted to start getting the shopping that I would have otherwise been doing on Monday done today.

Midway through my list-making, V called with surprise news -- she's staying on the East Coast for another week! V does odd jobs for odd friends: she house-sits, pet-sits, works in the business world, and can look anywhere between bedraggled holdover hippy and smartly dressed businesswoman. (Sis made her a necklace in thanks for having her car on hand to save all our asses when her car was busted up; V wears that a lot now when she's dressing up.) Every time she doesn't know how she's going to make ends meet, another odd job pops up. She's wonderful, friendly, open, and loved by pretty much everyone. It's my solemn conclusion that V exists in the gaps between Western civilization and the real world, because that's where she seems to be most of the time.

I've found where I can get my favorite brand of rice vinegar for half the price I'd be paying at a regular grocery store. There's a little Asian market down on 35th and Dunlap/Olive, and it has it there. Nice, close by even on the bus, and good prices! This makes me happy. I think it was either there or Lee Lee's that I found the red bean jelly. (Mmm, red bean jelly.)

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