June 20th, 2005

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Shorter, for the public

Saturday, the combination of exhaustion, Whatever's Been Going Around Work (just a touch), and a lot of the Woes of Being a Woman caught up with me. I was still pale and shaky on Sunday, but I got through the day. Rules Lawyer Monitor took one look at me when she came in for the evening shift and did not even bother to ask me if I could stick around for a few hours to help the evening shift get monitored up.

Thus, I was in the right place to catch up on the sequel to a little something that went down a few weeks ago. Some guy came in to work on his day off (drunk) and caused some trouble. Today he came in late, gave the guy at the front desk some lip when said guy was doing his job, and proceeded to do enough things against company policy that a report to Stressy Chick Super was warranted, and a report to my grandboss will be warranted come Thursday.

I'm very glad that I can vent about work to Darkside, because otherwise my head would explode.
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Fun with blonder halves

Darkside was in today when I called. Yay! We grumbled about work together. I like it that I'm able to talk about work with him and get coherent grumbling about his workplace back from him. It's fun to actually have content to talk about, about our weeks, and so forth, rather than being pining desperately for him.

Unfortunately, this was not a good weekend to get together.

I have a cunning plan for Wednesday evening, one that involves leaving writing group a little early and zooming off to Mesa with a book. I managed to find So You Want to Be A Wizard, which is one of the books that's a building block of my mind. Darkside needs a piece of my mind for his birthday. This may lend itself to the planning of an outing for the following weekend. It may not. Either way, I win.

So does he.

It's definitely some sort of stability-point that we've reached. I'd almost say that we've reset, but that's not quite it. This is round three, as far as the universe and I are keeping score. I wonder ... he mentioned, at some point, something or other that ... didn't click ... from long ago. And Sis and I were nearly identical, back in the day, our respective days. Could this be round three for each of us?

Maybe third time's the charm.
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew


I've finally developed, picked up, and uploaded some of the rolls of film that had been sitting around templeravenmoon forever.

Perhaps the cutest photo of them all:

That's the Little Fayoumis, with shammash sharing the bathtub. That's a very well-behaved cat, I must say. He doesn't scratch or bite, even when provoked. He doesn't like being washed, but he's become resigned to the process. This is an old photo, before the "Don't see me naked!" phase, and before Moshie's ear got beat-up. The Little Fayoumis wasn't in the habit of bathing with his cat-brother very often, but this time they were both dirty at the same time, so ... washing!
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Housewife's Lament

Re-organization chart

There's something about the first night of the weekend that makes me want to clean, or if not clean, at least get things something closer to in order. figment0 dropped by for a while, because we weren't done talking, but my notoriously short temper was done with the phone.

One of the things that I wound up with in Grandma's big yard sale was a fiber optic lamp. This thing had been sitting for countless years in a box (and the colors on the box are faded, and I don't think it was in direct sun) and the fibers got bent. figment0 and I played with it, and had endless amounts of amusement jiggling the fibers around so their glowing ends left squiggles of bright multicolored light in the air. I have the fiber cluster hanging outside in the heat in the hopes that the heat will soften the plastic just enough to straighten it while it hangs straight down.

I always feel like I'm camping during the work week. I don't have much energy left to do things other than wake up, go to work, come home, relax and check the communication unit, sleep, and repeat until Sunday afternoon. The Friday/Saturday transition is particularly dreadful, because if I get enough sleep, I'm out of communications for the better part of two days, but if I keep in communications, I don't get enough sleep. I don't get enough sleep to start with, and my body's started to demand an 8 hour minimum again...

Maybe this weekend I'll get the electronics under control so I can start setting up things.
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lonely, spock

Things I am reminded of:

The idea of a salad course first, before the main course, is incredibly helpful in getting small picky eaters who are not accustomed to fresh vegetables to eat same. They can see, smell, and psychically sense the mac & cheese with hot dogs waiting in the wings ... after they finish the carrots.

Carrots with ketchup.

... I miss the Little Fayoumis.
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All cunning plans need coherent exit plan. I wonder how Miles does it. Yay plasma movie. Ocean's twelve.
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A nothing day, it seems like. Up, LJ & e-mail, plasma, down again for a nap, up again, laundry, dishes. Random spr0t stuff -- nothing much, just poking at stuff and trying to help. But I'm so out of practice.

Weekend, yay.

I've been typing up random things I have around, mostly the Tarot sheet I've had around for reference. Maybe "A Cup of Time" should be next, if I can still find the bits I have. I know they're in the journals.

Incidentally, "Time Lord" is in my head, and I don't know enough Dr. Who to write it effectively. "It's the stripy scarf that drives you insa-a-a-a-ane / Let's chase the Time Lord again!" Someone, anyone, please, take this filk bunny from me before it hops into my sinuses and forces me to do things like make trystan_laryssa show me all the Dr. Who episodes she has!
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