June 26th, 2005

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Had a Shayara fanfic dream the other night. A Cyteen crossover. Odd.
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And we interrupt this broadcast...

In the middle of me talking about my day (monitored, nothing of note but the Chatty Guy from Utah Hell) -- I have just discovered the the multi-function lower end digital camera that I got back in 2001 works.

I mean, it had worked previously -- as a webcam and a device from which to grab images while it was connected to the computer webcam style.

But previously? I did not have a way to get into the thing's internal memory to delete pictures in memory from memory, and I therefore could not use the thing as a camera.

I have just discovered that Windows XP talks to my camera, and it's read/delete, not read-only.

Pardon me while I proceed to do the happy dance and start to tote the thing around with me. Because. Dude. Digital pictures. Digital pictures + laptop = OTP.

Speaking of which, raranax, I need to e-mail your mom and see if she's gotten around to saving those photos of Grandma's so I can get copies. Because the world (well, LJ, at least) needs to see the "Zodiac Device". (Speaking of Stephenson, The Big U.)