June 28th, 2005

running, bomb tech

Not a proper update, but...

Errands went smoothly.
Headed out late to pick up V from the airport.
Airport is very confusing to drive in. I drove out by accident.
Finally found the right combination of streets to get back in. Picked her up. Had trouble getting out of airport again. Promptly got lost in Paradise Valley. Clonked the curb pulling a U to get un-lost. Tire flattened within 1/2 mile. Baka Loony. General exhaustion, prompt rescue by USAA-sent tow truck tire change gurus. Yay cellphones. Back home. V crashed on my floor. Yay futons. Yay floor.

Animation Acolyte is coming over tomorrow to inspire me to plug in and properly install crapness for the *$*#(*$ scanner.
documentation, writing, quill

Through a Scanner, Darkly

Scanner is running. The Animation Acolyte came over and hung around while I installed everything. The acid test: will WP continue to operate as normal?

Yep. It works.

Now I can scan the workplace comics and slowly get them ready to be put up online. I'm thinking Keenspace, probably. The GIMP is my friend.
running, bomb tech


Brand new balance ball has become my new computer chair, while parked on top of the bean bag chair. It's surprisingly comfortable, and lends itself nicely to doing hip-swivels while seated, which is entirely fun for everyone (especially male watchers with the pre-existing hots for me).

I got a wireless mouse with the computer, and have found that it makes it much easier to trace the comic, but it is not reliable enough to trace it quickly. Alas. I may have to find some other sort of mouseage. I think I have the Little Fayoumis's old Rugrats mouse with the PS/2 (is that how you punctuate it?) connector and a PS/2 to USB converter. Ball mouse; Darkside has my ball-less mouse with Tigereye.

And heeere comes the file. I seem to have gotten myself into a webcomic of some sort. We'll see how it goes. I'll have to take time off in November, though, because three jobs at once is just not on.