June 29th, 2005

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Mind wandering, utterly gone now.

Crap. I have no experience scripting comics. I'll just go on ... well ... on whatever I know, I guess. Fuzzy can cut it down. He's good at that. This is going to be another full-time job, just like the book was, isn't it. Maybe I can get the first draft of the whole thing done in a month so that we can do the second draft in another month and by November I'll have breathing space to do stuff of my own.

I'm already looking forward to that, heh. Silly me, eh?

Not quite done with the rough of the second scene. I'm looking to get that finished up tomorrow, and also (we are to hope) of the 3rd scene tomorrow, so I can take a breather on Thursday, with "My Brother, the Storm" on the phones. No work on writing Friday unless there's calm in the workplace, probably not much until Saturday afternoon, then Sunday I'll ... oh, right, I'm swapping Saturday and Sunday because of the other two girls at work, silly me. So not much work Sunday, and gods alone know what I'm doing Saturday.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I have to take off to get my time with my blonder half on the phone, anyway.
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Turn Around...

Something with Darkside reset itself sometime around my birthday, or a bit before. (Oh, my, do you remember the thing with the squirtgun on the last day of school with Darkside's predecessor? Betcha that's the turning point, the save point, the reset point.) Something with Fuzzy reset itself as of now.

Well, as of earlier, sometime yesterday. Happy Birthday, Fuzzy Modem. I'm glad you survived to 25 years old.

What's going to reset itself next? If patterns follow, it'll be BJ, then River, then BJ again, and something odd with Darkside will happen in the middle of that, and then digitalambience and Mr. Shallow. And Sis'll show up there, and Yakky, and then things with Mr. Shallow and Darkside will get severely weird, and then sithjawa will have astute commentary on the proceedings, just before figment0 comes on the scene. And then something even weirder, probably.

Life does this to me, and my only defence is to catch the patterns beforehand so they don't scare me as much. Even if it doesn't wind up happening that way, at least I'm prepared for weird shit to follow.

My life is weird shit. And that's normal.
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V is back, so I wait for bus. Yay plasma. It is weird tapping into another's vision. I can see some of it clearer than [he] can.
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Running late. I'll have to pick up the script from my e-mail at group. At the moment I have no clue what's good and what's Fuzzy.
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@ cafe fiat with the ladies. Yay the cafe. I read the prologue @ group. Yay strawberry smoothies