June 30th, 2005

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Cunning Plans for HP Night, plus WorldCon '06

I have the Cunning Plan to discuss with the other newish check-in chick re: the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release on 7-16. I'm covering for her this Sunday morning, or something like that -- or she's covering for the other girl in the afternoon, and I'm covering for her in the morning, or something like that.

But what I want is potentially for her to cover for me on Saturday, and I'll take another shift on Tuesday or something to make up for my hours, so I can go to the party on Friday night and sleep in on Saturday.

I'm so very geeky. I have knitting needles. Maybe I can knit myself a Slytherin scarf, because I'm sneaky-snaky enough to wear one, and even though I'd actually Sort to Ravenclaw, I do have Slytherin yarn on hand, and gods know I have enough actual Slytherin friends to pawn it off on at a con or something for something appropriate in trade.

In future plans, I may well wind up at the 2006 WorldCon in LA. I'm thinking about it tentatively right now, and I'm planning that yeah, it's probably going to happen. I like cons, and John and the E should be there!

Anyone else going?
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Wherein the Lunatic angsts about the project

Oh, sheesh, this next segment is going to take me forever to hash out. I think I'll see if I can't print the notes file for myself and then see if I can't do better on the pen-and-paper scripting. I was subconsciously expecting this to go a lot more quickly. Fuzzy will be spoiled that I've given him two segments in as many days, but it's probably going to take a week a segment at this rate, maybe two segments a week, instead of one a day.

That's all right. I'll work it out somehow. Now, though, the brain is about to crash. Bedtime for good little Lunatics.
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It makes me feel a bit guilty, after, when I come out of an intense session doing things in Fuzzy's creative world. Fuzzy can make me see his worlds through his eyes, and I'm the one with the words to come back out of his segment of the Before and describe these things.

You see, my heart belongs to me, but it's on long-term loan to Darkside. So when I go into a place with Fuzzy that's nothing like anything I've been able to share with Darkside, I feel guilty -- not because I shouldn't be doing this project with Fuzzy, because that's not it -- Fuzzy and I have been meant to work together since we met -- but because I should be able to do this with Darkside too, and ... so far, we haven't.

I want to be plunged so far into Darkside's world of creativity that I have to consciously remind myself to breathe the Earth air -- and not just as an observer, but as a co-creator. I want to see Darkside's eyes glowing as he emerges from diving into one of my worlds with the details of something I've missed that he's been able to see for me. That is what I want.

And until we have it, it's silly -- even wrong -- for me to put my brain on hold to wait until we can be together. It would be very wrong of me to tell Fuzzy that I cannot do this with him because it compromises a relationship that doesn't technically exist. It would compromise everything more to deny the creative bond that exists. It would be a betrayal of self and other, and I'd forever regret it. It might -- would -- hamper the creative bond between Darkside and me.

That doesn't mean it's comfortable, though.
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The abandoned buffet on the corner is getting fenced in. Walking is fun.
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Transit strike would not be good. Guess What Phoenix might get? Very funny, union. This is summer.
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Just another day in fouled-up Phoenix

So at 8-ish this morning, some punk (Damian Lancelot Holmes) stole a truck, and was chased by police starting right in my neighborhood, and wound up at Sky Harbor International Airport, where he decided to drive through a fence right into a secured area, then evidently tangled with another fence. The fence got friendly. The police wound up using their cars as battering rams to get him to stop the fuck driving.

Wow. Video. The second one is more exciting.

...and it seems that it started RIGHT in my neighborhood. Wow. Glad I slept through that.