July 2nd, 2005

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A bad day turns better...

I made out copies of the seating chart pre-emptively and handed them out to the supervisors before the 3 pm shift came in, and it was a good job that I did, because getting the actual seating chart up and out took two hours. Two. Whole. Hours.

Part of that, of course, was spying a name on the screengrab of the logins that Just. Did. Not. Belong, sitting in Someone Else's Booth, accosting him, and marching him into the office to talk with the office ladies, meanwhile putting the Fear of Me into him both fore and aft the office conversation. (I hope. I devoutly hope.) He wasn't scheduled in. He was in the wrong booth. He hadn't been given a booth assignment. I don't even know if he was briefed on the job he was working on, to tell the gods' honest truth. (He'd better have been, because he was doing it all day.)

It was a day of ducks, but abruptly, things took a turn for the distinctly better. The Clean-Cut Geek was around and about, setting permissions related to the company shakeupanddown and the related need to use different websites for stuff -- an addition of a domain to the Trusted list, and a registry change to back that up. I snagged the opportunity and mentioned the sadly spyware-addled state of the machine I was on. He said he would take a look at it when he had the time to, which was evidently maybe a year in the future, though he doubted anything would do but a complete reinstall of everything. I begged permission to use my favorite tools to attempt to clean it up. He consented quite happily. I did a dance of glee, then set in with a will.

It's a nice change to spend a happy hour dredging spyware out of the crevices of a computer and be paid for it, for a change.

I went to break late, very smug in my removal of the greater part of 50 pieces of malware from the poor box.

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predator and pray

A lone woman walks down the sidewalk at 11:00 pm, more or less, chatting merrily away on a cellphone. A vehicle slows at an intersection; the occupants hurl verbal abuse at the woman, then zoom on.

I wanted to have a rock in my hand at that moment, so I could have thrown it. Not a pebble, a hefty chunk of stone as big as my fist, to sail through the open window and cause some hurt, or to smash glass.

The actual insults can be brushed off in a few moments. Those aren't the important part. The important part, the part that had garnetdagger and Marah surging to the forefront, was the males and their clear attitude. They were in a car. I was a lone, presumably unarmed, woman. They felt safe to batter me with words.

We felt the urge to cause them physical pain of a sufficiency to equal the amount of spiritual pain that they must be in to even consider doing this. They were predators, and they picked us as hapless prey. We felt the need to demonstrate to them that no matter how carefully they select their targets, they are still not safe from retaliation. They need to learn, and learn with a swiftness, that their "safe" attack has immediate and painful consequences from them.

If I could have stopped that car, extracted them, and dispatched them all a swift punch to the jaw to render them woozy before cuffing them and then lecturing them like so many overgrown schoolboys, I probably would have. The part that scares the rest of us is how much absolute pain the rest of us wanted to add to that experience.

I asked figment0, on the other end of the cellphone, to pray for my temper. He understood. It was the overreaction. But human predators like that will encounter those who guard, sooner or later, and we are to hope they will come off the better for the interaction.
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Validating surveys. Computer errors, yay. Watch me debug. Email is drafted. "Old lady" "killed". At least i'm awake.
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There are some evidently major social events don't seem real as they're not on the flist. Live8 is theoretically big.