July 4th, 2005

Housewife's Lament

Fun with housework

I need to poke Darkside about the laptop, because it has a new home to be going to.
I need to do laundry. I need to clean my purse. I'll need to get that rent check turned in.

I have succeeded in organizing the closet into the categories it's supposed to be sorted into, more or less, which has uncovered my missing nightgowns. Hooray nightgowns! The humming bird feeder from Motley has been assembled, filled with yellow-tinted sugar water (yes, I'm a sarcastic Lunatic, in case no one noticed), and hung, to the accompaniment of falling-off parts and spilled sugar water.

The newest of my new shelves is now assembled, and is waiting to be populated by diverse items from the southeast corner of the living room. Now it has lots of electronic bits in various nooks and crannies, and a happy stereo system up top. I cracked the stereo's case to rescue the dislodged CDs inside that were rattling around and jamming in the way of the opening mechanism for the CD tray.

I have a Slytherin scarf in the works. My trusty Sharpie marker and I have labeled a pantry drawer "TFM", which accurately describes the contents. I have a rather lot of them.

I'm typing up things that are on the scraps or loose sheets of paper that I find scattered around in the unpacking and tidying process. So far, this has included a fragment of the "Dear You, Love, Me" thing I wrote at work, with a few other things queued up to go as soon as I finish putting an unsent note in the proper place in the LJ.
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teddyborg, geeky

Have we a geek in the house?

I just found a power adapter to fit the Bad Phone (said phone is bad because it was sold without a power adapter) so that I may have a phone with a permanent seat by the bed so I won't have to rout myself out for those odd-hour calls. Next step: finding telephone cord to reach all the way across the apartment, with any good luck doing so tastefully around the edges of the room rather than the short way that looks tacky.

The other night, I came home from work to find that there was a message on my phone, telling Charles that his lab results were in, and they were ready for him to call and make an appointment, oh, and this should be fasting. Problem: I'm not Charles. I'm sure I don't know Charles, as I have never had a roommate named Charles, and in fact I only know one Charles and he goes by Chuck. (Okay, maybe I know two, but they're both Chuck, and neither of them would be getting calls here. I don't think either of them knows my number, even.) So I looked up the number for the office in question, and wound up getting transferred to the after-hours answering service, who paged the doctor on call so I could give them the message that I'd gotten a message for Charles, and therefore Charles had not actually gotten his message.

Some time passed. The phone rang, and the caller ID was not helpful at telling me who was actually calling. "Ni hao ma?" I answered the phone, my standard after-hours/unknown caller greeting (in Chinese).

"Ni hao ma!" the guy on the other end of the phone said cheerily, and asked to speak to me.

It turned out to be the answering service calling back. The guy and I language-geeked a bit. He knows more Chinese than I do. I just know enough to get me in trouble.

Telephones are fun.
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pretty, Francine

Culture Hacking

There's been a wave of rape awareness & so forth sweeping LJ in the last couple days. And given that it's bouncing back and forth, the time seems to be ripe to find something constructive that can actually be done in face-to-face interactions to get people thinking to change stuff. And this seems like it could help.

Rape is not funny.
Racism did not become unacceptable because laws were passed against it, nor because tolerant-minded politicians made impassioned speeches against it... it became unacceptable because ordinary people, in their private conversations, stopped thinking of "nigger jokes" as funny, and they gradually told their buddies "this ain' the place for that kind of joke." With that half-smile with the wrinkled nose that says "... and I don't know why you think it's funny at all, but I don't care how filthy your taste in humor is as long as you don't share it with my kids."

Rapism--the attitude that a woman with a short dress is "asking for it" or that a man is "entitled" to certain things after paying for a date or that he's a football player, she must've wanted it--will only be stopped by the same methods. No amount of laws or prosecutions can change social standards; people will continue to believe that "rapists" are those creepy losers who stalk women in parking lots, and the guy who pushes his date (who was gonna give in eventually, really, so what's the harm in getting it a little early?) is some other category of person, something acceptable in polite conversation.
The whole movement is just asking for some icons and banners. I have a cunning design in my head.

elfwreck said, in the essay/rant/plan, that women aren't part of those kinds of conversations. We may not be actively included in the conversation, but I'm "one of the guys", and if something like that came up in conversation at all, it could come up around me, so the burden's on me as well to shut them down as disgusting. I don't care if I'm not actually "part of the conversation" when something like that comes up. If it's within my earshot in, say, the workplace, it's my responsibility to say (as a supervisor) that it's not at all appropriate for work, and say (as a human) that what they're bragging about is disgusting.
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pretty, Francine

Lazy Monday in July

Slept in. The office is closed today. So, unfortunately, is the laundry room. I should really poke down there to see if it's open again, and if it's not, call the off-hours pager and tell them, because that's something that really does need to get seen to.

I just strung phone and cat-5 over to the bed area. My current Cunning Plan has already been set in motion. What do I want in an always-on bedside computer? Network capability, IM and web surfing. That's about it. What is Tigereye capable of? Much more than that. What do I owe V? At least the price of two new tires. What's the resale value of an old clunker of a laptop with a 2 gig hard drive? Not very damn much. What's the resale value of a Dell Latitude CPt with a bunch of random accessories like spare batteries and NIC, minus the floppy drive? Potentially equal to two new tires and an old clunker laptop. *grin* What does V need in a computer? Internet connectivity, word processing, decent reliability, a decent amount of storage.

BBQ charcoal smoke has a very distinctive smell. It gets my heart pounding at about 1.5 time, and I can feel the carbon monoxide sinking its hooks into my red blood cells. I miss the friendly smell of alder coals.

I called Darkside. He couldn't take time out to chat, but we did arrange that he'll be dropping Tigereye off at some point. Yay computers! Yay bondmates! Me getting a ride out there, sadly, is unlikely to happen. figment0 is having car trouble. Radiator system leaks in Phoenix in the summer are severely bad news, and Darkside lives in Mesa.
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