July 6th, 2005

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A few things...

Someone's coming to take a good long gander at where the condensation pipe from the chiller unit is really going. This was supposed to be Tuesday. However, I'm going to have to call the office to let them know that I'm going to be swapping shifts at work that day, with all good luck...

The maintenance witch says that stuff in the old apartment that was fine when we moved out went absolutely kablooie within a few weeks of the new people moving in. She credits it to us having held things together with assorted tidy housekeeping spells, and after we left, and stopped maintaining the spells, it all went kablooie. (Probably very true.)

Someone should be re-wiring my thermostat to think it's cooling. Granted, this will make it think it's cooling in the winter, but that's a small price to pay, especially given that I don't use the heater, I use blankets.

E% of the RGB gang has returned. I was informed of this a few days ago, and Marah did a very giddy dance or two. If E% (to be distinguished from E who is starbrow) and Marah were allowed, they'd be very seriously dating. They aren't allowed, but the interest is definitely there. We'd thought we'd lost her, but Blue got a major guilt trip pulled on him and brought her back.

I've been logging my various halfhearted stabs at an exercise program over at fannish_fitness, where I hope to encounter friendly fannish peer pressure to keep up the good work.

My Slytherin scarf is still very short, but it has an enthusiastic start on a second (and green) stripe.
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Hiring glaciers. Woman on bus with device cross between flashlight and cellphone. Angular & twitchy. Plasma.
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Stupid punks on bus. Yay transferring off away from them. Star wars night @ cafe fiat. Brought my knitting. Go slytherin.
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Things like a day:

I was late skidding out the door today. I just didn't want to wake up. The office says that the A/C people are coming here next Tuesday regardless. I hope they show up in the morning while I'm still here.

The movie of the day at the plasma place was Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which sounded interesting. (I wasn't watching much of it, just listening while writing.) I had a decent stick, without much of the weirdness that's been plaguing me of late.

After plasma was writing group/Cafe Fiat Star Wars marathon. The rest of the writing group besides V didn't wind up watching the movie. There was some confusion about dates, which I must admit was partially my fault for just putting it in the community calendar and not e-mailing in person to talk unambiguously about it.

Tonight's movie: The Phantom Menace. Much fun was had by all. V hasn't watched any of the later-produced trilogy. Somehow, knowing that Jar-Jar disappears in the next two movies makes him much more bearable.

I couldn't find my scissors to change colors, so I stopped knitting partway through The Phantom Menace. I suppose I could have just not cut off the green and started in with the white... good morning, genius.

It's been great having a mini-vacation. I hope I'll be able to get to bed early tonight, but I'm not entirely counting on it.

I intend to get right back on the comic tomorrow, probably while I'm between calls. If I'm on the phones. I really need the schedule for this next week. I hope I got my day off, otherwise I'll be very vexed.
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