July 10th, 2005

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Creativity at work...

The more I work with Fuzzy and we bounce ideas off each other, the more I realize that yeah, we work really damn well together. I wasn't seeing the new intro until just today, but then it started flashing in, and then we wound up chatting for at least half an hour and hashing things out. I see details that he can miss. He can give me seed details and I work out the ripples.

... If I ever contemplate sleeping with him again, someone hit me HARD.
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Went to work on not enough sleep.

Work got out early -- it was a five hour shift. Yay! Not yay paycheck, but yay sleep.

Walked home. Called Darkside. Chatted. He was as tired as I was. We signed off to get naps right about when I got to the apartment. 14 minutes.

I slept hard. V picked me up and we did the Cafe Fiat Star Wars Episode II night. I didn't see any of the rest of the writing group there. The Father from Father's Flicks was presenting beforehand. I found it grin-worthy that he and I had both chosen to focus on the story as the story of Anakin Skywalker's fall and redemption -- him in the Catholic look at things, and me when telling the Star Wars story arc to the Little Fayoumis to give him the idea of the thing without spoiling the sub-plots. (I still find the sound of the Little Fayoumis saying passionately, as Luke, "I know what is behind the mask!" to be worthy of goosebumps.)

V couldn't get me all the way home, but she did drop me off at the bus stop. Alas, that the last bus had gone by two minutes before she dropped me off. I called Dawn to chat while waiting for the bus. We chatted about VetPal. She had to go break up a cat fight. I called amberfox, who wound up looking up the bus schedule for me, and determined that yeah, I was in trouble. I called trystan_laryssa's phone, which has crappy reception, to try to talk to figment0 (it was game night). figment0 came to rescue me, fortunately. I had to shout to be heard, and even so he was only getting one word in twenty. Fortunately, "stranded", and "central and McDowell" came through.

Next Saturday, a better exit strategy is in order. I wonder if the 17 and the 19 run later on Saturdays.
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Again: ugh.

Sleep did not happen until far too late. I think I'm going to try to chemically disable myself for sleep tonight, because this just cannot keep happening.

In the good news, I picked up some stuff, did some assorted paperwork, got a test strip hacked out with Fuzzy, unpacked some stuff, and started in on getting the usual magical activities started up again.

Life proceeds.
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Hospitality with dietary restrictions

[Edited to add:

This is apropos of my pulling a wine cooler out of the refrigerator, looking at it, and wondering if it would be polite to offer it to Darkside if he were over, one-on-one in an informal setting. Darkside does not drink alcohol (except for, IIRC, champagne at New Year's) by choice, rather than for medical or religious reasons.]

Poll #529950 Hospitality & Restrictions

When a person has a dietary restriction (medical, faith-based, or other), is it more polite to:

Offer a list of acceptable things, with the unacceptable item(s) at the end, for form's sake
Not offer the unacceptable item at all
It depends / something completely different [discuss in comments]
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Nostalgia on a toasty cracker

There are some things that just bring back all the interesting fun of being teenage. Memory-triggers for CTY are one of them, and association with people I haven't really seen much of since high school.

Fuzzy was my high school career, pretty much. Gods, you guys are going to get so sick of me blithering about him, but at least this time it's happy blithering, more or less -- not wailing about how he stole my soul. Reasonably happy. We clicked so hard, and we're clicking again. It works best when we're bouncing ideas off each other. We work best in person, of course, clustered around a computer -- probably both of us on separate computers, me writing and him drawing, me committing the best ideas to a file or five.

I miss all that, and I'm getting it back.

There's a vital element to the apartment that's here now that I have a working altar set up in the middle of it. It was missing before. There's something about my life that goes into hibernation when it isn't in the presence of both active and passive "extra" magics -- things that are above and beyond the little magics that constantly surround me. Now it's alive again, and it should stay that way as long as the altar's active.
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