July 14th, 2005

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Drywall Follies

The other day as I was slinking in to the office with my rent check, the apartment manager brought up the topic of my (evidently malfunctioning) chiller unit, and the fact that it seems to be draining into parts unknown. "We need to have the guys by to look at it," she said.

I pointed out that I'd be in the apartment all day Tuesday the 12th, conveniently forgetting the fact that as this is Potter Pre-Spoilers Week, I'd be pulling a shift on Tuesday so that I could sleep in Saturday following the release party free and clear. I called the office, but too late -- it was already scheduled.

Tuesday, no a/c techs come to tear the wall out.

This morning, the maintainence witch knocked on my door. "The guys are going to be here for the drywall later," she told me.
"I'm going to be out," I told her.
"Good -- you don't want to be around for this."

I came in expecting the little doorknob-hanger that says, "While you were out..." and a mess.

No hanger. No mess.

No drywall guys, it looks like.

I'm probably going to get them tomorrow.
running, bomb tech

a/c, whee

Yep, we have the guys here to tear stuff up and otherwise make an incredible mess of my bathroom. Whee.

... I think I'm going back to bed.
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And the fun begins.

I got to clear all the stuff off the back wall of the bathroom, including out of the medicine cabinet. I am not amused. There are four boxes of stuff sitting around the living room area now, homeless until the drywall guys finish their thing. Which will be a Mess.

With any luck, I'll be able to catch up on my sleep before they get back. The wonderful maintenance witch gave me breakfast in the form of a chocolate cupcake. That does not solve everything, but it does make things better.

And I got my new name badge for work yesterday. (One of the office ladies was passing them out to the supervisors as we came in the door.) I'll keep the old badge for spare, in case I forget the badge some day, because outdated badge as supervisor is better than sticky-label with name or no badge.
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Short shifts are fun for the whole family

Screamed into work almost late. Yikes! Managed to be more or less on time, though. I was on the phones today, par for the course for Thursdays. $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, yay. Of course, that brings with it its own joys in the form of people being general and assorted obnoxious wankers, but eh. This is what drawing cartoons at work is for.

I need to learn to check the security of my lids before inverting or agitating any container containing liquid, especially sticky liquid. Results? About 1 tablespoon of Dew Livewire with 2 Atomic Fireball candies dissolved in it, all over my desk, my flask, and me. (Orange/cinnamon is very good. I'll have to pass that tip on to Motley.)

We got a fifteen minute break at 5:00pm, then dismissed at 5:30. 4.5 hours today on that, then an additional .25 spent checking my e-mail. I'm glad I'm coming in on the 1pm shift. The 3pm people on my job got out at 6pm, which is only 3 hours.

I spent some random time joking around with the Young Long-Haired Desk Guy (he who is tasty-looking but celibate) about assorted; the party eventually moved outside when dustraven and the Bunny Master came out for break.

"It's been a while... give us a grin, then, luv..."
This prompted the Azzgrin at the poor Bunny Master (an elder gamer who GMs and plays a Malkavian), who is (as always) traumatized by the sheer insanity in the Azzgrin. Yet he keeps asking us to smile...

Tomorrow I'm to be check-in. This will be entertaining. I'm not sure how many paycheck SNAFUs there will be. There are lots of new people I don't know by sight yet, so I will have to verify a lot of identities before handing out paychecks.
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