July 24th, 2005

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Work first, then home in the heat. Darkside wasn't in when I called. Meacu1pa was out and about. We wound up catching Charlie & the Chocolate Factory together, which was awesome. Mike vs. his parents was the most hilarious thing.

After that, dinner at Ruby Tuesday, and then Family Photo Album Time at easalle's. I am so lucky that some of my more unfortunate hair moments were not caught on camera.

I'm still upset about the Animation Acolyte losing her job.
running, bomb tech

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Unfortunately, when I wake up not in a mood to deal with anyone's bullshit, prepared to take on the management in the office and demand that my goddamn control unit for my goddamn climate control unit be replaced ... the office isn't open yet.

The control unit must be a double pole double throw deal -- it must have Cool, Heat, and Off as viable settings. The current control unit is a single pole no-throw -- it does not have Off or Cool settings, the way it's wired, even though the blower is blowing cold air because that is what is in the pipes.

It is Bitchy Witchy Week, and this Witchy is Bitchy enough to start making utterly reasonable demands.
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One metric pantload of coffee needed.

Monitoring this morning. Laser Mom gave me a lift halfway to work. That was fun. If I followed the rules about never getting into a vehicle with a strange person, I would never be able to get into a vehicle with any of my friends, because we are all strange. Except for figment0. He is very, very strange.

Limiting an interaction with someone to face-to-face in public and commenting back and forth on a public LJ post somewhere -- those are actually two very similar ways of doing it. Both ways, it's in public, possibly with witnesses. Just, online witnesses, not meatspace ones.

It has already been a nutty morning. There were issues with things, where by "things" I mean "people", and by "issues" I mean "I want to whack them over the head with a Nerf bat."

I think break is going to require rather a lot of coffee.
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The small things that add up to happiness

Work was reasonable, other than the things I started waving around brickbats for. (Those were not reasonable. I reacted reasonably, that is to say, with stunningly bad reviews of these stunningly idiotic stunts.) Everyone got out at 1. I wound up being done at 1:15 and getting out of there, finally, at 1:30.

I called Darkside somewhat later. We only talked for a minute or two. His project of the day: cleaning his room. He found the cord that goes to the half-functional NIC that came with Tigereye. I didn't inquire about the car.

Just talking with him makes my day improve by leaps and bounds.

V is on the road and happy. She was touched that I'd call to check up on her. She did another journaling class yesterday, and included my little handout on the topic of blogging. It seems that blogging is an enormously popular topic in the journal-writing class. Who would have thought? ;-P
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the Lord of Love (quote of the moment)

The Lord of Love is before and behind. He extends to the right and to the left. He extends above; he extends below. There is here but the Lord of Love. He alone is; in truth, he alone is.

--Mandaka Upanishad
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