July 28th, 2005

Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd

Great day, quiet night

I got up reasonably on time, but I gave myself a major scheduling malfunction when I turned my alarm clock OFF rather than hitting snooze again when I was going to "just check a few things, honest" on the computer. Heh. I was nearly late; as it was, I skidded in at 1:02 (within the grace period), without half the stuff done that I should have gotten accomplished before I left. (Most of these involved lunch.)

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I was going to attempt to go bleed, even after work, but I was 30 seconds (approximately) too late to catch the appropriately timed 19 southbound, and (disgruntled), I waited for the Red Line to take me to writing group with no detours. On the way, I managed some work on crossovercomic. Not much, but enough to make me feel productive and get the mental juices flowing again after stalling out.

I was late to freshstartwrite by half an hour as it was. I read two things today -- "I Have a Friend" (which is a compilation of horror stories based on how I tend to start comments on some of the threads over at ginmar's) and "My Brother, the Storm" (much lighter, a LF story). hcolleen had a bizarre fictional salad (that she'd actually made, and it was tasty). I must introduce her to cadhla's idea of a salad.

meacu1pa was having car troubles. What is it with our gang and car troubles? There's been a rash of them of late! We all went to Cafe Fiat afterwards. easalle has the good kind of relatives in, and couldn't make it to either group or dinner.

Cafe Fiat is great, and has the kind of service, rapport with customers, and food that makes the place collect loyalty. Today, there was a cheesecake shortage (causing a disruption in the if only/alas balance of the universe, as I said the latter without saying the former, and did so twice) and an avocado shortage (causing free pieces of cheesecake to be distributed to those who were shorted in the avocado department). Nonetheless, service, while not always prompt, is personal, cheerful, and a joy forever. It does not hurt that the food is highly tasty.

It is much of a weirdness to be having an enthusiastic conversation about slash and smut with hcolleen (around azwriter) at Cafe Fiat, of all places.

J provided two of us currently carless ones with rides -- me to a convenient bus stop, and meacu1pa home. I caught the Red Line with no problems.

I have photos from Tuesday and Monday to upload, including a lot of rather blurry and dark ones (that will probably have to be binned) that were supposed to be of the local kittens.
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Things (done and need to do)

Done: made cln_forevermore, for CTYers who went to Hamilton (organizational and discussion).

Need to do: post to the writing group e-mail list about the writing group LJ comm
Make a stickers database

Play with recipes
get assorted groceries
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Reasonably calm day @ work. A few asshats, but nothing a cartoon or 2 can't fix. Airplanes & spitwads oh my!
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Rev Nice super's latest: "stupid american!" He is also american.
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Life is good. I have scans to make. I feel like life is a puzzle game I tweak until solved.
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Work schedule nuts again. Swapping sunday am for pm & either thursday for monday or monday extra.