August 12th, 2005

Order and Chaos, Escher

An overall "meh" of a day

The day started off ... interesting. I started out on the phones until the monitor who's going to be retiring come November came and dragged me off the phones, as I was supposed to be monitoring. In that time, though, one of the resident chicks managed to offend me fairly badly.

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This gem of a woman is warm, caring, fun-loving, light-hearted ... and has utterly crass taste in political cartoons. I'd been showing her the workplace cartoons I do, and I guess she felt compelled to return the favor or something. She managed to find a newspaper clipping cartoon featuring a posterized-to-black-and-white photo of the Shrubbery on the telephone. While I, like Trent Reznor and MTV, would have found that offensive enough by itself, this one managed to do one better? worse? with the caption, Collapse ) I restrained my first impulse to rip the filthy thing to shreds, and instead returned it with a little note featuring a frowny face with several exclamation points, and the written comment, "That was not funny."

Directly as I finished up with passing that down, I was summoned to monitor. One of my first few reports was the infamous blasphemy on an open line moment. This was, amazingly enough, the late-teens son of Laser Mom -- shall he now be called Crusty Cake Kid? What with that and other moments in the monitor report, I soon enough found myself heading for the copy room to pick up the bad monitor report from the printer. On my way to Stressy College Chick's desk, I detoured to my older clone's desk, and asked if she could reach me "that blue thing in the cubby there". I left the monitor report -- and the nerf-bat -- on Stressy College Chick's desk, as she was out. Sadly, Laser Mom was not in, or I would have deputized her and handed her the bat.

I started getting a headache shortly after this. I could hear that someone, somewhere, was playing with one of these. Collapse ) The headache built to critical mass, and I popped out of my monitor room and told the two punks down at the end of the row of booths next to the monitor room to put that thing away.

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But the blasphemy moment, which managed to make Cute Desk Guy do a very interesting double-take, almost makes up for that entire mess. I'll be really interested to see Laser Mom's take on it tomorrow. She can borrow the nerf-bat.

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phone, cordless phone

Wokr! Like slpee!

"You had no reason to be mad at me!"
"Yes I did: you were rubbing tostadas in my face."

Also, the convention of supervisors was trying to find out who wrote the "Stressy College Chick Sucks" on the whiteboard. It's a mystery so far. It was really interesting hearing the deductive skillz at work, though.
phone, cordless phone


Correction: Frosted Christ-cakes, not crusty Christ-cakes. That makes all the difference in the world. (He got it from a cartoon of some sort.)

Drunk-Ass Phone Goon is still prohibited from speaking directly to the girl he was harrassing.

Cute Chick Super had me record her voicemail message for her. I recorded "You-Know-Who" in my deepest natural speaking voice; I sound like either a very low alto female or a midrange tenor male. (It's androgynous enough to be confusing to someone who's calling expecting a girlie-girl's voice.) Have I now done an impersonation of Voldemort?

I'm still singing the Chromatics song about radio telescopes to myself. "Hey ho, did you know? There's a universe in the radio. I'm going to tell you what you want to know about the universe in the radio." It's a very perky little song, and it's fun to sing.

Rules Lawyer Monitor seems to be on the phones at the moment. I'm not sure whether she's doing this just a few days a week now, or 100% of the time. Curiouser and curiouser.

There are a lot of people leaving here. One of the dayshift/sampling guys left today. His last day was scheduled to be today, and there was going to be a bit of a party -- but he didn't show. So the party was held without him.

Hooray for payday. This check had a few hours of overtime, even. Woops. Shouldn't have gotten those... ah well. No overtime authorized for this week, either, but I think I'm going to go on the phones Sunday if I'm anything short of my 40.

The figment0 prefers the old-school Marvin to the new one, as the old one looks angstier.