August 13th, 2005

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Yay payday. Yay full 40 hour weeks. Yay 40 hours of vacation time available, should I choose to take it. (I'm thinking that saving it for $WINTERHOLIDAY and the possible trip to Guide Dog Aunt's is the most advisable thing, though if I should happen to accumulate another 40 between then and now, I might take as much of November as possible off as well.) If by any chance I should fail to hit 40 hours by the end of my morning shift on Sunday, I may well stay over for a few hours in the evening, which will help with the supervisor : phone goon ratios and help get things closed up.

So, yeah. This is my life. Friday is check-in; check-in is fun. I think Saturday (today) is Comic Pirate Super's last day out front. It looks like Rules Lawyer Monitor is going back on the phones for good. (!) The lady who's the training lead is retiring come November. There's going to be a supervisor shortage soonish, I think. Comic Pirate Super is going back in the back full time to replace the guy who just left. K-Bone might be going back to replace Comic Pirate Super in Sampling.

Advancement comes in sneaky little bits. Since when did they start giving out balloons, candy, and movie passes for hiring anniversaries?

Fuzzy, if you're reading this, I haven't forgotten about you, and I still am stewing over how to do stuff. I haven't had the chance to IM back lately, because I'm half-dead from the whole work/no brain thing.

Translation of poetry is something that amazes me, because it not only involves transferring meaning between language, but preserving poetic structure while doing so.

I may acquire some notoriety at work for my little cartoons. I should really scan more and put them up. Like, maybe Tuesday?

The local grocery store does not have the pens that I thought they have. I am vexed. They did get a new shipment in, but the new pens are not the liquid ink highlighters I so adore. Alas! I shall have to restock somewhere else.

There is a nifty new survey at work that mentions both Mountain Dew and anime. I may wind up on it tomorrow (Saturday).

Next week, I have three days as check-in, as the usual Sunday morning person is on vacation.

Today I got to help the girl who reminds me very strongly of our goose Friendly. She was having dreadful computer problems. She's worked here long enough to be a little better with computers. She seems like a very nice, though horribly shy, person (she was the one who had the table fall down go boom on her some many months ago) without much in the way of common sense or personal grace. It helps to log into the job, and I'm sure that her misinterpretation of what I was saying was a valid one, but it's the sort of misinterpretation that happens when one has about the common sense of a goose who's being herded with a hockey stick.
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I got crazy town's revolving doors stuck in my head to describe work yesterday. Except not sex. Some never come back. . .
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Rev. NSN super has taken to saying I am the antithesis of L.L. Cool J as I am his opposite except for my lazy sock.
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Yay highlighters. Anti-Yay crowded malls. Yay employees who smile back at the perky customer. (Yay psi skillz!)
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Performed my weird bus lady duties by playing clapping and mirror games with the high-energy 4 year old of lady w/ baby.
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In which the Lunatic does not much of anything

Today was Personal. I am not doing the Friday night/Saturday morning thing particularly well at work, and when I woke up still in a state of exhaustion ... no can do. I'm good about not skiving off when I'm doing something in a supervisory role, but if I know I'm a phone goon that day and I'm nearly too loopy from lack of sleep to stand ... I can go in and monitor or shuffle spreadsheets in that state, because those things I can do in my sleep (in fact, I was dreaming about doing a nonexistent supervisor function, the shredding of secure browser pages: the hell?) and I wake up soon enough, but ... I'd rather not chance screaming at a respondent if I let my guard down.

This scotches my chances of a 40 hour week this week, of course.

At least I've got a little time to get things tidied up around here. Maybe I can go get those blasted pens. I have too much mail to sanely shuffle through, and most of it is from people who love my money. (From childhood: Mama and Dad sorted the mail based on "someone who loves me or someone who loves my money?")


Yep, I went and got the highlighters in question. Also, who knew that drinking half-frozen strawberry soda out of a blue plastic margarita glass could be this much fun? Whee!
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Not entirely yet 100% depraved

While I was wandering around in a bit of a low blood sugar / shopping haze today, I spied it.

A soft fabric lightsabre.

I did not buy it.

It has a handle insert with battery pack, power button, and speaker. It makes lightsabre sounds.

I still did not buy it.

I might go back tomorrow and see if it's still there.
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