August 26th, 2005

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Fun with processes

OkCupid pwned my browser. I had to close the thing. (It evidently does not play well with at least my instance of Firefox.) Then I learned that it would not start again when I did clicky clicky. (See how my technical vocabulary suffers?) Like, nothing. Then I wound up thinking I would reboot, but when I started a conversation, not remembering that I was going to shut down, I said "Bah!" and went into my task mangler and looked at my processes. So why was firefox.exe still at the top of the list, beeyatch? I shut that down, and all its child processes too. (Does it ever disturb anyone that I am a witch and my ex-girlfriend was called my Pretty? But she does not have a dog.) Surprise surprise, firefox started back up.

I am not happy with the site, because their IM thing, if not disabled, is an even bigger resource-suck than Gmail's auto-refresh. This was worse than normal.
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Day, goddamn it.

Woke up to the fact that I was not sure when my alarm clock was due to go off, but it was probably late. Cursed, reset clock for something workable. (This was fortunately before it became crucial.) Got dressed. Noticed that I was dizzy and disoriented. I was having difficulty staying on my feet and stringing words together in a coherent form. This was in part due to the climate control issue (I'd turned the cooling off when I came back to bed after a trip to the loo) and I was having a severe sleep hangover, in addition to whatever the hell else was wrong with me.

Stayed in and tried to tidy. There was some success. Chatted with the apartment complex resident manager about the thermostat issue, and there's a work order out to replace the damn thing.

I'd made an appointment with figment0 to clip his cat's claws, and he showed up to pick me up just as I was foolishly standing on a stepstool to reach my stereo. (I finally had plugged it in today.) Yay Figments saving me from myself.

It was fun spending time with him. We tried dropping by RC & D's, but they were off doing laundry.

Allegra should be shipped any time now, so ... *calculates* Um, maybe it'll show up on my "weekend"?

Fuzzy showed off photos of his new pad, so I dropped by the forums to see how things were going. Looks good. When the fuck am I going to find time for the comic, dammit?

Hoo boy, there goes the language. (Not that it wasn't gone already.) Gotta hit bed. And work later. Yay.
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Happy birthday, smmc!

I am awake. I am not dizzy. I am almost ready for work.

Errrrg. Who got the number off the nerfbat that hit me?
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I think I used too much awesome on the 24th. A workday where I cry is not awesome. Bleeding hormones. Need my bondmate.
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Today is not a day. It is a disaster area. Paramedics and paperwork like OMFG.