August 28th, 2005


A fitting curse...

May all writers of badfic improve to the point where they are mortally embarrassed that they'd ever written anything like that, much less posted it to the internet.
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I managed enough sleep, somehow. I'm about to head off to work. I don't like weekend morning shifts. Nope, not at all. I think once I start sleeping better and more regularly, I will like it better, but -- I need time with my best friend. I need time with my best friend. And working weekends is getting in the way of that.

I may need to reschedule myself.

I hate the thought of it, but it might be necessary for my sanity.
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Arizona animal welfare league thrift store opened in the little strip mall.
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New Star Trek, politics, gaming, & assorted fun.

Oh, my fuck. Walter Koenig. D.C. Fontana. Fan-produced episode.
Warning: site may be heavily slashdotted. And, alas, I have been so far unable to download any of the existing stuff. But. Oh. My. Fuck. -- also does custom stuff. -- McCain needs an introduction to our friend the clue bat. On the one hand, electability. On the other hand, HELLO SCIENCE and integrity. On the gripping hand, Flying Spaghetti Monster and clue bat. -- Brion is on WoW at after 3 in the morning. Brion posts. Brion's mom plays WoW. Brion's mom reads that forum. "Busted. Grounded." (amberfox, does this lurk in your future?)

In other news, if you are my brain, late Sunday evening is evidently the perfect time to commence housecleaning. The vacuum cleaner has seen use.
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L.A. con IV: the 64th World Science Fiction Convention Collapse )

This means that sometime between then and now I will have to cough up the extra $100 for attending membership, the travel fees, the accommodation fees, and expense money, but! Convention! Mine! Precious!

This means that I will most likely be in Anaheim in late August 2006. I will primarily be attending the con, of course, but I will definitely be up for meeting assorted people and having fun that isn't wholly con-related. So. Locals?

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