August 29th, 2005

high energy magic

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It's not a white-healing-light situation. It's a "drain the fuck out of the storm" situation. and I have fucked up for not starting this sooner, not looking sooner.

Anybody up, link up if you want. I'm on IM.
phone, cordless phone


Trying to see if this thing still works. AzureBlue (palmtop) is easier to post from than AzureGhost (Kyocera Phantom cellphone).

But since there have been battery issues with AzureBlue, and she's not instant... we'll see.
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    When it rains, it snows
phone, cordless phone

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Off for plasma again. I'm pretty sure I could manage without the plasma money, but it's nice. And my blood heals.
running, bomb tech

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Ooo, survey on national security. Telephone, automated.

Am I 18+? Yes.
Do I feel like the Bush admin is doing a satisfactory job at securing our borders? Declined to answer.
teddyborg, geeky

Hours and hours of fun

One trip to the dollar store later, I have (among other household necessities):

A shaker for the powdered sugar for the cookie puffs
Two sets-plus-some of magnetic alphabet (to expand upon the one set we had before)
One set-plus-some of magnetic numbers

The refrigerator now has all kinds of crazy messages on it. I think I need some magnetic poetry soon. Now, you must understand that all of this refrigerator-writing was done with the help of a glass of chocolate milk with a little of the Irish in it, so the very top of the refrigerator reads
"    "
... those were just the numbers I happened to have on hand left over from the rest of the writing , mind.

Do they make HTML magnetic poetry? Because that would just be awesome. It's like a huge white text file. You can even put images in.

Okay. This isn't making much sense, unless you were either a) there, or b) me. So I think I'm going to go write and then call Fuzzy.