September 2nd, 2005

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Copying the blurb from elynne:

The Oxygen network will send $1 to the relief effort for everyone that signs up. And you can opt out of any potential spam.

I'm just fascinated by the way it's spreading. Nifty! Yes, I know they'll only donate up to $10,000. Add another dollar to reach that mark! And, if you feel like it, donate some more! Plus, it's purple!

(That's my own link there.)

I'm toying with the idea of asking around on the friendslist to see if anyone can refer some trusted friend in need of a place to stay for a while in my direction. I am a very difficult person to get along with living in a studio apartment in Godsforsaken, Arizona, but ... I'm also human. So.
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A day, not a disaster area!

Yesterday, Stressy College Chick Shift Ops Super
(abbrieviated as "Slappy" when I update from my phone)
and I decided that as far as we were concerned, we
were having a building disaster area instead of a day.

I suspect that Jane and Joe Random Phone Goon do not
know how much paperwork is involved for a bad monitor
report. The monitor has to document the offense
completely enough so that if necessary, it'll stand up
in an unemployment hearing as grounds for termination
(either completely or partial). Then the Shift Ops
Supervisor has to document the incident in the system.
After that, the supervisor gets to discuss the thing
with the person, or, depending on the severity of the
incident, more than one supervisor...

It's a day.
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No baseball bats @ work. Figment got whacked. There was massive & widespread supervisor giggling.
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The clue bat is not just for supervisors.

Tonight figment0 gave some inaccurate information to othercat. (He'd thought that Rev. Not-So-Nice Super had dismissed only one job instead of the whole area.) She came back into the area where I was at and inquired, visibly stressed. When she learned that it was inaccurate, she got more stressed. I whipped out the clue bat. "Want to borrow this?" I asked.

She grinned the shark grin and went off after him.

We saw him emerge from the bathroom. "Oh, othercat's looking for you," I said.

He disappeared in the vague direction she went.

Almost immediately thereafter, offstage in the empty and echoing hallway:


All supervisors bust up into laughter.

It's for moments like this that I keep that thing around.
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