September 5th, 2005

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Girls' Night Out: Casino!

So while we were on lunch break, Laser Mom proposed that the present ladies who were 21 and over do something in concert after work. This evolved into a full-fledged Plan for clarinetkid4eve, Laser Mom, and me to hit a casino after work.

We all piled into Laser Mom's truck, more or less. The thing is an ancient-feeling pickup Collapse )
running, bomb tech

The One-Armed Bandit

My assessment of casino slot machines is that while they can be interesting, and I can see the attraction that they might have ... I'm a child of the information age. I like my gratification instant and reliable.

I could seriously see myself sitting in a happy little corner of a lounge area in said casino with Bejeweled on a palmtop. But if they managed to combine Bejeweled and gambling, the results would be scary.
running, bomb tech

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