September 10th, 2005


Cream and scum from the top of the brain

Was on the phones. Fast dialer, so I didn't get much writing or drawing done. Did get some journal, some more "Nice Guy" vs. Kind Man table, and the Buggy Survey pencil roughed in.

The elderly Japanese lady inquired after dustraven and trystan_laryssa.

Girls' Night Out the next is going to be a Witchy Day.

I was on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and it got out at 7pm instead of the expected 8. 6 hours is nothing to sneeze at, but it wasn't what I was expecting. At least it gave me more time to rest up for tomorrow morning. Got some grocery shopping done, which resulted in school supply sale plastic file boxes to store things in as well as groceries.

cadhla had a post on comfort foods. I have so many reasonably wholesome ones.

I have a lava lamp with a piece of wax that keeps circulating between top and bottom for no apparent reason. The thing is turned off. This is the blob that hangs out on the top. Lava lamps that have a bit of the thin liquid trapped in the wax have a slightly unfortunate way of reminding me of breasts.

In an ideal world, there would be more hours in the night to sleep with. Also, there would be someone in my bed waiting for me right now, and I would not be on the computer right now.

Dawn called. Yay! I conveyed Darkside's greeting. I am a hub of phone tag. She is doing website design -- moonlighting while she works for the Mouse. LJ communities make cheap-like-free message boards for places. I am an LJ guru amongst those who don't know much about it.

Wikipedia has a hurricane volunteer data effort thing going. If you have no money but do have time, check it out. (I have not enough time right now.)

My writing work ethic is screwed. I'm screwed. I have no time.

My hip has been malfunctioning for at least a day. Two days. It hurt Thursday. It hurt today. Anti-inflammatories are my friend. I almost went home sick from work, it was hurting so steadily. Low-level pain for long periods of time is not something I do well with.
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phone, cordless phone

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Hip still aches. I do not want to move. But off to work anyway. Never enough sleep. Odd dreams must be attended to.
phone, cordless phone

The daily grind should be Turkish.

Job is nuts. Today I wander around looking for trouble. Either that, or ... well, something. I'm not entirely awake yet. I was looking forward to a nice, peaceful shift on the phones.

Stoner Dude, why must you somewhat inaccurately and apathetically recite the introduction to the survey while not even pretending to look at your computer? I shall smite you. When I am awake.

I have the hiccups. Not amused.

O Paranoid Woman, please STFU and get back to work.


Gossip Sisters, please do not >hic< turn around in your seats and blab when you're supposed to be >hic< on the phone with other people.

Clueless Newbie Woman, the only person you are amusing to is yourself. >hic<

At least there is breakfast. Yay, breakfast.
phone, cordless phone

Assorted more woes (hey, nonny nonny!)

People sometimes vandalize or destroy bits of the stuff they work with. Things like writing on the calendar to cross off past months or circle paydays -- that's minor. That's perfectly understandable. But stuffing trash in your computer tower, etching lewd commentary on the plastic desk cover, and half-destroying vital equipment -- why?

Today I wound up filling out a booth-out form with "Booth usable. Network jack dangling & dismembered (mangled almost beyond recognition)." (Yes, I got photos. No, they're probably not very good. Yes, I'll try and get better ones. Yes, I'll try and get a photo of an intact jack for comparison.)

Still. Why? It does give me the excuse to write up hilarious equipment problem forms, but I'd far rather have a boring day than have to come up with witty phrases to describe the way one phone goon has shredded any number of equipment bits...
phone, cordless phone

Tasty Geeks!

There's a new IT contractor in the building. The code phrase I use when I mean "I wouldn't mind some of that!" is "decorative". It sounds far more professional.
bleeding, Ryoko

Well, that settles that.

My disturbing dream from this morning that didn't get described in the morning walking-to-work posting? Some kind of illness involving Darkside.

Assorted prayers for Darkside's dad's health and continued improvement would probably be appreciated. (Yes, what is wrong is a Known Thing; no, I'm not sharing it in public; yes, we're concerned; no, I have not commenced with making casseroles, because I have not the transportation to get there.)

So. Yeah. Scary dreams.
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