September 11th, 2005

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Police making inquiries if there is management on site is not reassuring at 6:30.
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Part of the Solution

It's a nice, slow, boring shift. It's also going to be
a long one. I may resort to doing combat rolls in the
aisles later on just to keep myself amused. (Naomi did
this in lab at one point to illustrate how thrilled
she was over some point in her lecture. That was the
rationale for making her a tower princess for quite
some time.)

Grandma Supervisor (who has yet to wind up with a
consistent name in here) decided that today was a
prime day to clean calendars. People cross out the
months past and days that we're through with, so that
we can tell at a glance when a good day to schedule a
call back is. Unfortunately, there is a manager whose
pet peeve is people writing on the calendars, even for
constructive purposes. This leaves supervisors in the
position of cleaning calendars and reprimanding people
for writing on calendars. This morning, Grandma
Supervisor wound up testing out about five or six
different solvents to clean off the calendars. She's
using a nasty-smelling lubricant (no, not WD-40)
currently. 409 doesn't do much. Almond oil is
excellent, but we don't exactly have much of that on
hand. (I have a little jar of perfume oil.) Murphy's
Oil Soap didn't do much. Lubricant #1 (also not WD-40)
didn't do much either. I think the next step was going
to be acetone, judging from the array of jars and
bottles up on the counter.

Clone Name Supervisor is complaining about the stench
of the solvents.

I think the supervisor in question has earned the name
of Grandma Cinderella Supervisor, actually...
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Solvents lead to dizzy Lunatics. Woo. Ill-feeling Lunatics, too. Bleh.
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It all works out in the end.

When con season rolls around, I'll get to call in
favors from the other junior check-in chick to swap
shifts. That is, if the position even exists in its
current form by then...

Ordinarily, I'd be grumbling at the thought of missing
what could be time spent with Darkside, at least on
the phone. But if today is anything like yesterday,
he's going to be dragging in home late and cranky as
fuck, ready to fall over into bed and to evade as much
housework as he can get away with. He's a good young
man, and won't be leaving his mom with too much of the
housework, but the principle still applies.

So he's likely spending time with Malfoy Senior, and
I'm spending time with work. And one of these days
we'll be able to spend quality time with each other.
And that will be good. We have to snag the time while
we can.
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I am so tired of dress code bullshit. I do not relate well to random other humans one-on-one. The soul selects her societ
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I can't install fonts on my computer. This makes me
unreasonably grouchy. I'd been hoping to put in a good
zombie font for some admonishment to not mess with the
calendars. If only I had it, I could have gotten a
memo written before someone else did. Alas: someone
else did first, and there was flagrant abuse of the
apostrophe (you idiots), misuse of both single and
double "quotes" (an ironic use that makes my eyes
bleed, right there), a sentance fragment, and an
omitted period.

Today the Goose Girl's emergency was that the 1 key on
her keyboard was stuck. She is dreadfully earnest, and
sweet, and eager to do a good job, but she has that
slightly fearful air of someone who has been routinely
bullied and does not understand why.

The Stoner Slacker decided today to ask how one
becomes a supervisor. Immediately after this, he winds
up earning a minus or two for not reading questions
and falsifying survey information. A real winner, that
kid. He got sent home yesterday for low production.
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This is an hour earlier than I thought I would be getting home from work. Only 15 hours.