September 12th, 2005

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Public, like a Frog.

The more I talk about things that don't matter at work, the more I smile and gleam and shine, the more I shut down quietly inside and don't talk to anyone but just the few on the things that do matter, and matter the most.

This past 24 hours has already seen two e-mails sent off in the general direction of my favorite-most Blonder Half. Those still weren't private enough to discuss the deep things. I'll have to write more on paper, later.

My 2005 album has bits and pieces of my random life. Right now I have to convince the camera to release the next set, which involve "wearing my new hat to town", some dangling network jacks, and the lurkingest little harlequin-masked stray calico cat.

Anyone managing the hurricane disaster relief efforts at this point is in the un-enviable situation of a ghem-general succeeding a number of others in the ultimately ill-fated Barrayaran invasion. Fucking up is a group effort, and it does not take a negative hero to solely stage-manage a disaster, but no matter how good or bad you are, it still sucks to be in that position. You surely did not get there by yourself, and you're not going to get out of it by yourself, not unless you have the tactical skill of a Vorkosigan.

Work is reaching a consensus that I need to get my little work cartoons scanned and uploaded somewhere so that they can get shared with the whole class. Eeep. The thought both thrills and intimidates me. Today (Sunday evening) I left the binder with the cartoons on the desk, and the supervisor who's recovering from the broken back picked it up and started reading and howling with laughter.

My apartment is still a housekeeping storm watch area: not a warning, quite, and not a disaster area, but it could become one with very little help. There is a laundry queue. Yay weekend.

I wished the LF a happy birthday, and got back a message wishing me the same. (The 11th is his birthday. Not mine. But it's the thought that counts.) Happy (belated) birthday to cindygerb as well; happy Orgasm Day. My finest refrigerator-dregs to the Shrubbery, like those tomatoes that aren't much good for eating anymore, at a suitable velocity. (We actually don't need a Shrubbery. Ni! Ni! 'Ni!)

I've been awake for about 23 hours at this point, because I woke up at 6 on Sunday morning. Saturday night was not exactly a good night for sleeping either -- I came home from work, collapsed, slept for two hours, woke up to the telephone ringing with a familiar caller ID, talked with Darkside for a few minutes (this does not count as him calling me: it was his mother calling me back and passing the phone over to him) then stayed up wired until midnight or after, then crashed until 3:45, then stayed up until 5-ish, and then got an hour of sleep... no, not a good night for sleep.

The alarm clock gets switched OFF now, and sleep gets priority until distinctly after noon.
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Links, mostly fanfic

Some people should not be allowed to open their mouths.
Chocolate Alchemy. I really do need to find some good non-abrasive chocolate. (Hershey bars are actually abrasive when licked.)

"Drinks for the House" Hermione/Draco (dubious consent, kink), Hermione/Harry (kink).
"Flame and Shadow" Ron/Pansy, and not so horribly fluffy.
"Seven Things That Didn't Happen On Valentine's Day At Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did." by rageprufrock. Remus/Sirius, with extra James-makes-an-arse-of-himself and accidental potion-aided genderbending.
"Night-Blooming Heartsease" Snape/Neville, plot with character development & sequel, Final Battle with assorted character deaths.
"Severus Snape and the Ghostwritten Romance" A clever pastiche of Cyrano de Bergerac: Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape.

Fearsome things from fanfic (culled from the worst) -- the daily_sporfle
Pairings of Fear! -- theferrett
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I think I survive in fandom with weird fic pairings thanks to trek and Heinlein. I see ALL fic as AU. Some canon too.
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Ginevra Weasley is banned from my canon. Slughorn made the cut. I do not know if I could write a truly nonsympathetic character.
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Parenting, re-envisioning of characters

Plasma today. There was a tired cross lady with a mostly cheerful little bundle of mischief daughter on the bus. You really can't judge a parenting situation by either the parent or the child alone. A bright and helpful kid is probably encouraged in being so normally, even if the parent is on her last nerve.

Movie of the day is Boogeyman again. The skeevy man with the loud sound effects from the bus is complaining. People who talk as if trying to start a conversation, but to no one or everyone, are far more unnerving than people who are clearly just externalizing their internal monologue. Depending on the monologue, of course.

Snape is a special fictional situation, as is Draco. They were both written unsympathetically but in a very human fashion. They have lines and blocking, not motivation.

I think the easiest way to explain the appeal of Snape and Draco as characters to re-envision is to first show The Wizard of Oz, then take in Wicked. Like heroism, copyright has an expiration date. What would L. Frank Baum think of Wicked? He's dead, so we won't know until Timeheart.

But the difference between very good fanfic and Serious Literature may only be an accident of timing.
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An accident on 19Th & indian school. 2 badly injured. Nothing I could do but pray. Hope is what makes the difference sometimes.
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A disadvantage to my job is riding the bus and seeing people I do not want to see even at work. Drunk-ass phone goon.
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Tay-Tay and I had a nice chat. Sisters are good. She is 23, but I'll see her as 9 forever, or at least until I'm not 11.
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Punk playing with lighter @ bus stop. Glad the benches are metal. Another punk schools him in lighter conduct. Youth.
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It seems that AzureBlue's batteries cannot take sitting. Alas. If only I had an immediate upgrade budgeted.
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These older buses smell of air conditioning and greased metal, the scent of flight. Mass transit has heavy magic.