September 18th, 2005

phone, cordless phone

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I see the old apartment is empty again. I could get a 1 bedroom place on this pay. Not moving. No way.
phone, cordless phone

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Not pulling a double today. Cunning plan to get Darkside on his mother's orders. Yay Figment.
running, bomb tech


figment0 is an old-school geek, and is easily confused by web browsers.

figment0: You have to understand, I remember BASIC, Pascal...
azurelunatic: So you don't know very much about the internet, gotcha.
figment0: Inter-what?
azurelunatic: Well, when one Department of Defence office loves another Department of Defence office very much...
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Love letters from a prickly bitch to a sarcastic bastard

It's amazing how tender a love letter one can write without ever using the word "love". It's amazing the passion that fits into a letter that doesn't even obliquely refer to sex. There are truths that want to be whispered by moonlight or over an echoing phone line, cried aloud by daylight, shouted from the gallery into a seat of government. And these are the truths I tell him, time and again, until he knows the touch of my heart as he knows the touch of my hand.