September 27th, 2005

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Only about three and a half weeks behind!

I am catching up on comments that have gone un-answered since the beginning of September. This is my schedule.

Now, I hit bed so I'll have eight hours or so before tomorrow hits. Tomorrow I go in early -- supervisor training on the new system! Hooray!
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Best friends, and why it's forever

(I got to talk with Dawn tonight and Sunday morning. I chatted with trystan_laryssa, who needs to get a new LJ already because she lost the password to that one, tonight, and on the phone a few days ago, maybe also Sunday. Yay happy people.)

Darkside is the constant in my life. Even that, though, changes. When I was twenty and far more manic, I was rather scary, and he was entirely right to run screaming. We're growing more wise, he and I. I'm quieter, more steadfast. He's ... more himself. And the longer this goes on, the more serious I become.

Either it will work or it won't. And we're best friends still, despite it all. It's a knowledge that sits alongside my human approximation of the Vulcan a'tha (did I spell that right?) with perhaps a more immediate force, because he is the Other who reaches out and touches back with the light of the Other in his eyes. The light in his eyes is the light in my heart.

figment0 once asked me to describe what I felt for Darkside. I was too far in exhaustion and half-trance to hear him grow quieter and quieter as the words found their way out. But they were familiar ones...
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Why do parents have to name their children things that I'm sure are typographical errors? Examples: Lynndie, Natalee.
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A nice hot day. I go off to work inside. Today, I train on the supervisor end of the new system.
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I wish I knew what was wrong with the macro in that spreadsheet. It broke, and my visual basic is rusty.
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OMFG headache. Stoner-boy is clueless. Wtf: poser-geek is gone? Tragic! My workplace is diminished thereby.