October 7th, 2005

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Am check-in all week. Exhaustion will be mine. There is more paperwork to do! Yay, paperwork. (Or not.) Figured out an hours problem this evening on instinct -- when there was nothing in the dialed hours exactly 35 hours, nor exactly 17.5 hours, I took a look at the formula for the hours, and found that it was my formula that was off, not the hours entered. Glad I found it when we did, or we'd still be there trying to figure out what was up...

I'm getting less blindly trusting of the system, especially when I know that there have been recent problems with the spreadsheets, and any time it's unprotected, problems creep in...
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Paperwork. Lots and lots. Stressy college chick says I am scarily organized. Hee.