October 8th, 2005

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Co-workers and schedules and fun

I wound up with a spreadsheet to handle the people and hours problems. Go, me. The office loved it.

The Check-In Queen has been in the office for the past week, and a few days prior to that, helping out with all the extra work caused by this system. People have been out, also. (Snarky Lady had a nasty, nasty, NASTY sinus infection attack. The Monitor Queen had gods-know-what happen. Chaos ensued.) Phone Call In Supervisor (perhaps to be renamed to ObsoL33t Super) predicted that the Check-In Queen would wind up in the office permanently, and that the other junior check-in girl and I would wind up full-time check-in. We'll see.

But she and I still have to split next week up; we'll probably do that Sunday. I'll be reasonably fine as long as I get some scheduled time where I can talk to Darkside, and Wednesdays free for the writing group.

Sleep now. Got to get up at 6:30, and in to work by 7:30. Yay schedules. At least this one isn't an extended shift. Not sure if I'll go for any overtime this week, though overtime is tasty and fun for the whole family. Most I probably could get would be 5 hours over, if I stayed for the second shift on Sunday. (And if we're short monitors, I may well do that.)
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Co-Worker Renaming

Phone Call In Supervisor is one of the older members of the supervisory team, just past 40, with a wife and kids at home. His wife and his mother call him at work reasonably regularly, and in fact often; this is why the nickname.

He and I had a rousing conversation the other day about various items of geekery. It seems that in his youth he was an utter geek himself -- programming and everything. (He screwed up his career by winding up doing something he oughtn't have, and the good places don't hire people with his record.) He was surprised that we still use flowcharting and COBOL.

Flowcharting is an essential communications tool -- until there comes up with something better, it's still going to get used to draw pictures of things so you can see a time-flow problem mapped out in space. (Animated flowcharts are going to be the next hot thing, my backbrain says.)

COBOL, on the other hand, is Old Stuff. But we young geeks still get taught the Old Stuff while there's legacy code still out there. It is, from all I've heard, a very stable and solid sort of thing, klunkety and dinosaur-ish, but going to keep running forever. And why throw out a perfectly good business app just because it's old? You'd have to spend all that money to replace it, and work out all those bugs... and convert everything you were using to run on something new...

So while the legacy code is still out there, young geeks have to learn how to interact with it.

I'm thinking that since Phone Call In Supervisor is still a geek at heart, though his training is many years out of date, and the Tech Wave seems to have passed him by, he should be re-dubbed ObsoL33t Supervisor.
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I find Ethan of Athos the most overtly feminist of Bujold's books because of the horrified response to women's work.
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This is the first time I have been called to cite Spiderman in the course of my duties at work.
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Things About Work

Dear Phishers:

It works a lot better if you spell your phishing e-mail better. "Choise"? My fingers hurt typing that. "Rightfull"? Go choke on a dictionary.

No love,

The History of every major Galactic Civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication, otherwise known as the How, Why and Where phases. For instance, the first phase is characterized by the question How can we eat? the second by the question Why do we eat? and the third by the question Where shall we have lunch?

My workplace is definitely at Sophistication, though there are forays into Inquiry, as witness the recent investigation of the exact genital setup of the standard-issue hermaphrodite (Joe Average Layman, in the form of ObsoL33t Super, Stressy College Chick, and gods know who else, is not dreadfully informed on this) and the thing with the cow stomachs and all the trips to Google for vocabulary definitions and the IMDB visits.

figment0 tearing his hair at a monitor report is never a good sign.

Stressy College Chick was talking about school.
"Class, class, class. You know what class rhymes with? You can kiss it." Rev. Not-So-Nice Super is actually an asshole. (Not an asshat. An asshole. In the Dennis Leary sense.)

We still haven't decided on a place to outsource lunch from. And it's 5 minutes until lunchtime.

I seem to have acquired a decent working relationship with the Crazy Cussing Bus Stop Lady based on her being pagan of some description (and possibly 'kin as well, because "Mortals are so much fun" was cited) and me being a little bit "high-strung" or something. Innnnteresting.

And it's now 15 minutes past lunchtime; I have yet to actually order lunch.

Oh. Dear. Looks like I'm getting Random Crap from the Machine for lunch: the delivery driver just went home sick. Heh. One of those days, eh?
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Bonding by proxy; schedule-fu.

Connected with Darkside's mom when I finally called and got through. (Leaving a message before seven-thirty does not satisfy me; I opted not to, this time. Not like they don't recognize the number.) Darkside was out. Mission of mercy. The friend who he stood as groomsman to lives on the West side of the valley. The implication that he makes this trip and further, weekly, does not entirely please.

His mother and I talked of children and baby-sitting. "Could not mount boot drive" is not a good message; perhaps Moshie or the LF was messing with the settings? Best-case scenario. And that degenerated into talk of Babysitting Experiences Past.

I want; I need; I require some alone-time with Darkside. Situation in the head about to approach critical again. Not quite yet, but Crazy Bus Stop Lady was right that I need to center, unwind, and not be wound quite so tightly. Work'll do that. Darkside's mom said he was contemplating Serenity. I'd like to schedule an appointment, either for Serenity or for Goblet of Fire. Would be nice to have GoF as an opening night appointment together... perhaps I shall plant seeds in Lady Malfoy's brain about group outings. Not just my bondmate and me, but perhaps his mother as well...

If I want to be part of my bondmate's life, and him to be part of mine, I have to consider a few things. He's not a solo unit: he comes with a family. It behooves me to get along with the family as well as with him.
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A day at work

Got up early and got doughnuts for the crew. The Krispy Kreme (I shudder at the name still) that Comic Pirate Supervisor passed by has shut down; he used to get Saturday morning doughnuts for us. This went off well. I got cookies with Rev. Not-So-Nice Super in mind (he doesn't like doughnuts; he prefers muffins).

Early-ish on in the morning, I got a phone call in from someone who'd been called by one of our surveys and wasn't entirely sure she liked the idea. She wanted to know what the survey was about. We run upwards of five different surveys at a time in this place; how am I supposed to know what survey one person got called about? I explained this to her, a little more diplomatically; she told me what I needed to know to figure out what the survey was about. Once I recognized what it was, I was able to tell her the general content of the survey.

She went off on a tangent about how she hated the Corporate Culture idea, how it's all about love and prayer, and how she'd been praying to stop the hurricane and if everyone had been holding peace and love in their hearts and asked for the hurricane to stop, it would have. Jesus could have made it stop, or a saint (or two), but it's a bit much for the ordinary person. And on. And on. And on.

At first I was giving the wide-eyed look and the "I've got a live one and SHE IS A NUT" face, but after a while of listening to her, I started remembering the cosmic joke again, and wound up telling her the story I'd read as a kid, the Chinese story of Heaven and Hell, with the three-foot chopsticks. She'd never heard that one before, but she liked it. She used to only pray for love and peace, but then she realized that in order to do anything, you need power, so now she prays for that as well, though she's not sure how she'd actually be if she HAD it. It was at this point that I cited Spiderman.

We got off the phone with each other pretty pleased about the whole thing.

The lady in the office likes my spreadsheet for tracking hours corrections. Dayshift was having trouble finding it; I slipped them a copy in their hours folder so they can use it if they want to. I should shove another copy in the Original Documents folder. I am squirreling this stuff all over.

We had supervisors out today, so it was a smaller shift than it could have been. There were root beer floats on Friday; there'd been a fundraising event. Saturday shift wound up with the leftovers. Hooray leftovers!

My elder clone has tiny roses. She winds up with some at work. Thursday or Friday, she left one lying on top of the monitor, right at the top ledge without ventilation holes. This was a thorny-stemmed miniature red rose, not quite in full bloom, just barely out of the bud. It slowly dried up there. It still smells delightful, and it's great having it there.

This Friday was payday. I get the checks to distribute. This week I also got a packet of papers that need to be signed and returned, information about the new system. I've been giving them out with the checks, or rather, issuing them to be signed immediately, along with a generic copy for their reference. It's just information that they need to know about the system, but it's evidently crucial.

I forgot to use the new system to log in briefly to establish my hours to edit on Friday. Bad Loony. Ack.