October 10th, 2005

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Cleaning out the browser. metaquotes is on my friendslist.

Does anyone have an .mp3 of the "Faerie's Air and Death Waltz"? Synthesized will do.

Chapter 11 for the US Government (humor)

i was once a student
i lived in a dorm
They said Knew the Dead Man
the story’s not the norm
my thesis is about the this guy
and how he told a tale
and now listen, little child
to this student wail

The Lemming Division

LJ "Guess that Friend" toy: by xevinx and kunzite1
Game over.
Learn anything?
That's right...
I make a lot of coding istakes.

Well, let me break it down for you:

You have a total of 124 friends
You requested to guess 124 entries.
8 was skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 117 guesses.
You got 111 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 94% correct
running, bomb tech

Schedule, whee.

The Senior Check-In is in the office this week. The other junior check-in has a dentist appointment on Wednesday. So this week I'm working Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I as check-in. (I might go in for an extra shift on Thursday if I feel up to it, but otherwise I'm check-in all week.)

But. Wednesday.

Writing group. Work. Writing group. Work. Ack.

Well, writing group can take care of themselves for a week. It shan't be permanent.
running, bomb tech


theferrett asks: "If I could erase __________ from my memory so I could have the pleasure of experiencing it all over again, I would."

I wouldn't.

Anything good enough to want that pleasure over and over again, I want the pleasure of recognition as well. The "I remember the -- oh, it's better than I remembered!" -- the pleasure of seeing an old and beloved friend again after too long, rather than meeting someone new for the first time.

If I had to pick something, though, I'd pick a book that's serially released in chapters first before it's finally released all of a piece, and read the chapters as they come out, then erase the memory of those (temporarily, if I could) and read it again all of a piece to get the first-time rush again. The pleasure of suspense between chapters changes the nature of a story from the story that you get when you just turn the page for the new chapter.

shadesong asked why we picked the usernames we did.

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I still hate ant bites. And the fact that doing the OMG get them off me dance can post the whinge prematurely.
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Today I shop. First I bleed. Fall days bring out the life in this city. It lives for winter. I come alive too.
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If not for work, I'd be doing my hair bright blue on this feeling of freedom. I exist in the twilight spaces of the year.
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And the other girl is sick, so I fill in tomorrow. Tuesday, wednesday, saturday, Sunday. My schedule is so on crack.
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"___ needs... " (lemming)

Since mamajoan is a Joan too, and already googled "Joan needs", I went with Joanie, which is more my name anyway.

Joanie needs a little time to consider it.
Joanie needs a port activated in MC4.204C for a new printer.
Joanie needs AA really badly. (ed. - I have rechargeables.)
Joanie needs Chachi!
Joanie needs to exercise harder in the 30 minutes that she currently exercises.
Joanie needs this for her trip to Seattle. (ed. - Someday.)
Joanie needs some conditioner. (ed. - Aussie Knot Forgotten.)
Joanie needs prayers now!!
All Joanie needs to do is sit on him lol. (ed. - Yeah, I giggle during tickle fights.)
Joanie needs you!