October 28th, 2005

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Google as a way of life



Obso1337 Super has downloaded Google Earth onto his work PC, and everyone's been geeking out over it. He mentioned that Google is coming to the Valley. I had to ask again, because I thought mine ears didst deceive me. He confirmed. Google. Here.

My resulting shriek of glee had the entire workplace staring at me weird, because the rest of them didn't find it that overwhelming. (That, and when I shriek, it can be piercing.) I'm told by friends that strong positive emotions transform me. It must be startling to someone outside of me, because I'm expecting it and I'm still startled that when I'm shocked with something that thrills me, I explode a little.

Stressy College Chick suggested that I apply there. Sadly, I don't think I qualify. But Darkside might. I've forwarded the job postings to him. It would be so spiffykeen to have a best friend working for Google.

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running, bomb tech

Standard orbit, Mr. Governor!

I've got an idea. How's about George Takei run for governor of California? (Except he's got an actual acting career, you know? Legislative monkeying sort of detracts from that.)

(Oh, yeah, and the article's also about him coming out of the closet, but he's had the door open for a while.)
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Busy. Paperwork insanity new hire dumb question chaotic mess. Maybe overtime too.