November 12th, 2005

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Headache. Double shift tomorrow. Working through the renfair next weekend. Drat.
phone, cordless phone

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He has no social calendar. Thus, he cannot put me on it. ... My inner paranoid is peeved.
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Scattering the words on the wind

Naked Quidditch: The T-Shirt.

LJ Homonyms.

Republicans: Ship Deserting the Sinking Rats

An Atlanta-area church is: "The Church of the Living Dead"! [signpic]


Comic Pirate Supervisor's name is Joe. Mine is Joan. Since mine is pronounced j-OH!-n rather than jo-ANN, there can be confusion when we're working together. To this end, the Comic Pirate declared that my name should henceforth be Barbara. I protested mightily, claiming that I needed to be 'Ni or Loony.

I think he's going to keep calling me Barbara.

I'm doing a double shift tomorrow. Collapse )
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