November 15th, 2005

pretty, Francine

Half-dressed. Hiking. Happiness.

In part because of the company I've been keeping, I'm starting to feel half-dressed if I go out either with my legs showing or without wearing shorts under my long skirt. I thought I'd be just running down the block a bit to pick up something. I wound up wandering off on a bus because the first place was closed. The second place turned out to have shut down for the night by the time I got there, despite good bus karma.

I made the belated discovery that oh, my phone does have a stopwatch function, so I may well start posting the walking logs again.

Days off are good things. I'm thinking of re-arranging the apartment, because that's the only surefire way I know to revive a flagging interest in housework. This will inevitably mean moving my canopy, but that can be handled. At least I don't have to move a ceiling-star too.

Life is good.
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Pottermania! Potterlunatic!

Purchased my ticket for the festivities. Local HP connections: at what time are the festivities starting, assuming one's going to the Metrocenter midnight showing?

I've got Thursday and Friday off work, see. So I can party. And that's the reason I gave, too: Potter movie release. At work, I am almost expected to be eccentric and geeky. I have a reputation to maintain.

I'm not sure if I'm going in costume or not. I've not really got anything in the way of specific costume, but I'm definitely bringing cloak and wand, just on general principle. It's getting cool enough to appreciate something warm in the middle of the night (since it's a late-night showing, my transportation home is shank's mare) and the pockets on that are more convenient and secure than a purse. The wand -- it's handy to have one of those about!

But. Yes. Tickets. Metrocenter at midnight. I'll be early so I can at least take a bus there and get a decent seat. You?
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Now that I've quit, I'm getting more done than ever before. At this rate -- no, I'll not jinx us. But. Word war is a good way to go. And I prefer Gaim to the client onsite, because Gaim chimes for me. My word war words are 1979 tonight. My bed is in the other corner of the room. The chest of drawers and the stuff on top of it are in the corner where the bed was. I have posters up. I'll be re-arranging the rugs at some point. It now actually makes sense to watch a movie from the computer, because the computer faces the bed at a reasonable distance.

I'm an exhausted Loonie, what with shuffling stuff about and all this writing, and all this staying up far too late. At least I've got time off this week!

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Well, DUH. (Courtship and mock courtship)

It just hit me. There was an on-List discussion about the various forms and meanings of flirtation. Some people thought of flirtation as something that could be leading up to something else. Some people were uncomfortable with that form of flirtation. Some people thought of it as harmless fun that wouldn't go anywhere.

I just realized that the form of flirtation that's harmless fun that won't go anywhere is romantic role-playing. You've got a Mary Sue or Gary Stu character, an idealized form of yourself, and your character goes and interacts with romance-tinged wit with all the other Pretty Characters out there. At the end of the session, no harm, no foul, and maybe you have some new friends. All parties (should) know that it was just a game. This is mock courtship in its courtly form.

With flirtation-that-is-to-be-taken-seriously, it's real people out there putting their best sides forward being charming and hoping to further their romantic or genetic interests. This is real courtship.

There's a kind of malicious flirtation that I was victim of in middle school and the early bits of high school: where the one party puts out a Gary Stu to court the other person's real self, and then if the person's real self falls for the Gary Stu, the player mocks the duped party. Real courtship and mock courtship should only be mixed with compassion and caution.

Then there's the other side of mixing mock and real courtship: Adam courts in seriousness; Beth thinks it's mock courtship. Beth responds with a character. Adam falls for the character. Beth is flirting without intent to follow through in good faith; Adam is flirting with intent to follow through in good faith. Collision. Heartbreak. Possible skeeviness.
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