November 16th, 2005


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Quicksilver reads like one of those historical adventure-and-fuckery novels, except aimed at geeks. And with less fuckery than the norm. I was looking forward to some hot Waterhouse/Newton slash, except that would have made Waterhouse more of a Gary Stu. Instead, there was just UST.

Neal Stephenson has become a library-first author.
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Previously: "I see you falling" -- from New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle"
Currently: "Azure/Pufferfish (the words that I can't say)" -- a Cryptonomicon reference, the code names for a bit of Heavy Encryption, and more Bizarre Love Triangle.
Call me: Azz, 'Ni, Loony, Miss Lunatic, Reverend Lunatic. No changes to the names I go by. (Intimates still get to call me by the diminutive of my birth-name.)

Rationale: I was thinking about it, and it fit. There's a lot of stuff that I feel working around inside my head. I can't talk about it. I'm not really sure what any of it is. It's encrypted even from me, I can't articulate it, and ... enough of it, I know what it ties to, and what it ties to can be summed up by the song.

The more I change, the more I remain the same. I am constant, I am patient, I am really rather nuts, and I've become alarmingly stable as far as anyone who knew me before would note.

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