November 21st, 2005


I don't have enough spare time.

pornish_pixies: "Mates" Harry/Ron, not safe for work, Dad, or cousin. The line about following directions comes from here.

LiveJournal Move Blog: LJ moved from Seattle to San Francisco. Watch them go apenuts in retrospect!

Current pic-loading issues are due at least in part to the fact that their disks are acting like an under-staffed retail store in the manic holiday season. They've got enough stuff in stock (disk space) but not enough employees to help all the customers at once (spindles; the disks are always busy storing or retrieving something, and those take a non-negligible amount of time) so the queues are incredible.

biichan: a GoF drabble: "Moody"/Dumbledore

Via slashdot: Top 20 Geek Novels (an unscientific but interesting set of poll results).

Via the daily_snitch: I'm Mad-Eye Moody and so is my wife: a pseudo-script summary of the movie. Much snark. Much spoiler. Yay!

"Christmas Lights" -- video clip showing some well-synchronized Christmas lights. Sound is essential for the full effect. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Evidently constructed from stills (look for the blinking tower light above the star; watch it with the sound off) but masterfully done! Firefox didn't like it, but (IMNSHO) it's worth dusting off the spare browser to see.

I'm currently Lost in a Good Book.
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Work is eating my life cold without pepper

Work has eaten my life, with no foreseeable letup until gods-know-when. In fact, it's likely to get worse.

The Check-In Princess has been removed from the check-in e-mail group last I heard; she's been in the office off and on, mostly on, since the new system went live, and she may be there semi-permanently. This means that there are only two of us regular check-ins, myself and my opposite. (I haven't a nickname for her yet, because I don't work with her much; we're generally on opposite shifts.)

The shortest check-in shift is generally Sunday, and that's usually at least eight hours. With just the two of us, we're each to be working 4 shifts check-in, and someone's got to cover if the other has to be out. There is one other regular check-in trained person in the building, and that is Comic Pirate Super, who is in Fulfillment these days on a regular basis (and therefore not available to fill in). Poser-Geek was the other check-in trained person, and he's not working with us any longer.

That would be dire enough, but we're also short on supervisors who run jobs. This means that phone goons are getting pulled to be trained for supervisory duties. Groucho Marx Guy is getting pulled now; Flattop Dave is getting pulled; Ponytail Dave is getting supervisor training as well as monitor training. (He was Fulfillment about half-time earlier.)

My opposite and I were intended to be trained to run jobs as well, but due to random people quitting when we were getting trained, we never wound up finishing. We've both petitioned to finish our supervisor training so we can fill in as needed. But the training is going to take time (ours) and going to take up supervisory time (theirs, to teach us as well as running jobs).

I'm feeling a lot more confident in my ability to be a good supervisor. I remember enough of the mechanics of running jobs to have a good handle on doing it; the theoretical hooks for the actual skills are in my brain already. I could probably limp through running a job with the notes I took last year and heavy reliance on other supervisors to remind me what I need to do. The retraining will bring me up to speed. I'm hoping I get someone other than Grandma Supervisor, because she prefers to tell what to do on the system without explaining how it's done. I learn best when I know why I'm doing it, rather than following by rote.

Unfortunately, as geek, stuff that's Heavy Geekage for the average supervisor is shallow to me, and I'm going to want something more in-depth than I think most of the supervisors are capable of giving me. What I really want is to be apprenticed to the back-room geek who's currently out with his tonsils out, but I don't think that'll happen for a while. That man is highly respected around the workplace, and I have the core technical competence to hang the system details on. He knows the refinements of the system, whereas his opposite number knows the basic functionality but doesn't do the little things that make the field staff exceptionally happy. Ah, well. I can start out learning the basics from whoever happens to be around to train me, and work my way up to learning the cool stuff at some later point.

All this means hectic schedule insanity. It's probably going to be something like me pulling five shifts a week for a few weeks all check-in and her pulling five as well, three check-in and two doubled up with me getting trained, and then me doing three check-in and two training while she does five check-in. And it's going to be insane.

Did I mention I was having sleep issues? Perfect timing for those. I've got the cold that's going around, the tail end. A little congestion in the sinuses is sufficient to screw up my life for weeks. My voice gets all nasty and rusty. Oh, and I'm working this Wednesday. If it weren't already apparent, National Novel Writing Month is over for me.

To top things off in an even more interesting development...
Short Chick Super was admiring my ribbons on Saturday (I wore the Ravenclaw colors to work this weekend because I was still feeling festive), and that reminded her that she'd been searching for a cheat code on something Harry Potter, or some game or other, and she came across a website. And the person looked a lot like me.

So. It looks like my co-workers have found my LJ.
It had to happen sooner or later.
Hi, co-workers.
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My past few days, activities thereof:

Wednesday: work.

Thursday: had the day off. Prepared for what I thought was going to be a huge line party with happy activity fun stuff. Wound up being a fairly boring line, and people weren't out of the building very early.

Thursday at midnight/Friday morning early: Potter. Walked home. Gushed at length about the sheer delight of it all once I did get in.

Friday: lazed about at home. In the evening, suddenly decided that I was bored, and went off to watch the thing a second time.

Saturday: work. After work was out, a figment0 accosted me via telephone and chastised me for seeing the newest Potter movie twice without him (how did he find out I'd seen it twice? Is he lurking on LJ more often than usual?) and dragged me out to see it. Again. ; )

Sunday: Thought I was pulling a double shift. Stumbled into work exhausted. Much relieved when it transpired that I'd been faulty in my communications skills and my opposite was in fact coming in. Returned home. Went to bed with a splitting headache.
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LJ move fun! Comments lost and delayed!

Yep, comment e-mail is fux0red. Delayed or not going out.

The Recent Comments page:

LJ staff is aware that things are fux0red.

If you're getting comment e-mail to an AOL e-mail address, as far as I know AOL has not put LJ's new IP address on their whitelist, so AOL is most likely eating comments as spam. (I have Gmail invitations for my friends, if y'all want any.)

status and lj_maintenance are likely to have the freshest updates on what's up with the heavily armed monkeys.
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Cafe Fiat is opening again. Celebration started just now. On my way. Meanwhile, Wizards at War. Yay new OTP action.
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Not opened, yet, but fundraising and planning. V should have ideas too. I was my quiet self.
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I now need a "My fandom values chocolate" icon. If I were not a wizard, I would want to be Carmela. I am a happy Lunatic.