November 30th, 2005

running, bomb tech

Another fine assortment of omgwtf random.

"Abducted by the Daloids" -- Dalek lesbian porn. The BBC and eBay were not pleased. (Via theregister, and seen thereafter everywhere else, including with outofambit.)

If any European nations are discovered to be harboring secret US prisons, they could be kicked out of the EU. (Pwned.)

The US military wanted to use t3h ghey as a weapon. Scrapped.

Salt Lake City. Schoolteachers moonlighting as... OMGWTF?!

LJ Support: Things that are on crack.

Scary Disagreeable Lady: "Hello, I'm ___ from ___, and we're doing a survey today on--"
Respondent: "I'm not doing a survey. I'm having sex with my wife."
Scary Disagreeable Lady: "Well, you shouldn't have answered the phone, then."

Honestly, it doesn't surprise me that former Bush administration people are talking about war crimes and Mr. Cheney in the same breath.

It seems that the Short Chick Super's little brother has acquired the nickname "Frodo". He's short, but perhaps not short enough, would have dark curls if he grew his hair long enough, but does not go barefoot.
I suggested to othercat that perhaps Homie G should be Sam, then. While she was still giggling, I mentioned RPS, which took her by complete surprise.
It's not every day that you can say "Wouldn't ___ and ____ look hot in bed together?" in public at work in front of the two people in question and not get in serious trouble for it.
(For the record, the guys are not actually particularly slashable, it was just the spirit of running far too far with the joke.)

LJ is still fucked up. Work had a lot less insane paperwork at the beginning. Office gave me the list of people they needed to see about random stuff before midshift started this time, enough before so that I could hunt them down and mark out the booth assignment so they'd have to come see me if they were in. Later, the paperwork got less sane. And then Mr. Bitter Mark II.