December 3rd, 2005

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Yahoo Domain Keys are evil and page-breaking.

The "love note" I sent:

When the detailed view of headers is turned on, the Yahoo Domain Key thing has an excessively long unbroken string of characters, making my page display up to twice the width of my screen, making me scroll from side to side.

This is not cool.

I hate to think that *my* e-mails are doing this to other people. If they are viewing full headers, they probably are.

I had an inexplicable problem some years ago with messages from a Yahoo Group displaying wider than my screen, even though the message content was not exceptionally wide. I do believe I've found the culprit.

Proposed technical fixes:

a) Admit Domain Key is stupid and no one else uses it and stop using it yourselves
b) Force breaks in the Domain Key after every 80-160 characters (which will stop it from causing side-scrolling in anybody else's webmail)
c) Have a toggle section per message to hide full headers in addition to a control panel setting
d) Force your header display to go to the next line after so many characters, even if there is not a natural breaking character
e) (my favorite) both b and d.

Though actually, since I have set my settings to break my lines after 80 characters or somesuch, while the headers may be wide for messages I send, at least my text does not wrap to the length of the header as with HTML-formatted e-mails. So I probably don't break people's pages, for those who use webmail and display all headers and have a stupid web client like fucking Yahoo here.
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phone, cordless phone

(no subject)

OMG Wtf bbq. I am not the only one who may hand out paychecks. Not happy about the lunch break interruption.
phone, cordless phone

Whingeing from work

Things I have to deal with on a regular basis:


I am using Net Send irresponsibly at work to pass
notes to figment0.

Spreadsheets are my friends. So's coffee. I plan to
get home, fall flat on my face, call Darkside, and do
my laundry. I wanna go hooooooome.
Order and Chaos, Escher

A multifaceted confusing life object

  • Now I know that the Universe is trying to tell me to examine my life closer, for I will find fictional villains lurking in it. First, a young man with the oddly-spelled first name of a major Shayara Problem. Now, another young man (v. pretty) with the last name of a major family allied with Grindelwald in the House of Ill Faith series. I'm not entirely sure what the message is, beyond this, but I don't think it's one I want to hear, which is why I've been resisting hearing it. But that's a smack in the face to be sure.

  • There is beef jerky drying in my kitchen. The meat was on sale, I live by myself and have a tiny freezer, and beef jerky is good. I am refining the process still, which is why this set is going to be too salty and potentially too dry.

  • I had a decent enough day, and the paperwork did not kill me. In fact, I had the spare time to do a little extra project on the side: some digging into archives, retrieving data, and socking it up in a spreadsheet for Management to do things with. Stressy College Chick is fond of the locution that goes "And we need to X, and by 'we' I mean 'you'."

    It would have taken her hours, and when a project takes hours, it often takes days to do in between tasks. I slapped together a spreadsheet, started digging in the archives, and damn if my keyboard shortcuts didn't come in handy. So much easier to click open a folder, arrow-and-enter around to open the proper file, page through the file to find the data, alt-tab back and forth to fill in the new spreadsheet, ctrl+w the archived sheet closed, arrow to the next pertinent file, and enter it open, than to use massive mouseclicking or paper-shuffling to get the same results. Since I don't know the keyboard commands to up a file level in an open file manager window, I used the mouse for that.

    But that was it. Four months worth of weekends I paged through. Now, if I were super-1337, I'd have written myself a script to do that for me. But a) if I tried to write scripts to run on the system I'd probably be banninated, and b) I have no script-fu.

  • Didn't get the chance to call Darkside. Today's shift was voluntarily extended. Ratio was 1:15.12 supervisor hours:phone goon hours, which is good for a voluntary extended shift. My hours today were 12.25, which means I got there as the sun was rising and the morning grackles were pointing their long beaks to the sky and shrieking a salute to the dawn, and I left well after the sun had gone down and there was not so much as a peep from the colony nested in the trees above the office.

  • Bond is ... is ... is ... um. I think we are entering the zone of finding the minimum amount of contact the bond can exist on, and then halving that and trying to make it work anyway. 95% packet loss, with the packets that do make it through intact, is far better than 50% packet throughput with all packets useless. It is frustrating as all fuck to go down to 5% throughput from a near-100% throughput, though.

    Granted, the near-perfect throughput also had encrypted packets and me without the key for most of them, but... Argh?

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