December 4th, 2005

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Little bits of joy and sorrow

  • may well be the Girls' something-or-other Out spot this time. I'm not entirely sure I'd fit in with all the Beautiful People there, but eh. Pretty place.

  • Today at work a late arrival complimented me on my being all gothed-out. The new skirt is flattering, and evidently ever-so-goth. I may have to return and see if the duplicate isn't still there. (And if it is, I'll wash it twice -- this one is still bleeding! My legs and fingernails turned purple!)

  • From bipolypagangeek, I comment: If I marry, it's going to be someone who I'm sure I'll want to come home to/to come home to me near unto forever. Someone I won't swear "'til death do us part" lest I cut things short. Polyamory is religious, for me. There's enough of me that's a devotee of Aphrodite that I would be in very serious trouble if I tried to force my mind into monogamy.

    I love by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month, by the year, by the century. I celebrate all my loves gladly, and could no sooner deny that I love them than deny that I live to write. But I'd only marry someone who I love steadily as well as brilliantly.

  • hp_literotica: "In the Country of Last Things", which is beautiful. Cedric Diggory is mourned, in a host of voices.

  • dawnalone tapped me to list 10 things that bring me joy. So, in no particular order the order in which they came into my Loony little head:
    1. A good song, especially one that I love that I haven't heard in a long time.
    2. Someone doing something small and thoughtful for me.
    3. Seeing/talking with/getting e-mail from Darkside.
    4. When the electricity in the air promises something secret and strange around the corner, and the wind sings it to those who have the ears to hear.
    5. Creating something wonderful.
    6. Helping someone learn something, especially when they never thought they'd understand it.
    7. Delightfully witty interactions.
    8. A good book or a good movie.
    9. Sharing a book or movie I love with someone who hasn't discovered it yet.
    10. Late-night gossip sessions, especially over coffee or hot chocolate.

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For the first time in I think a couple months, my e-mail inbox is down to 50-ish e-mails to deal with, including comment e-mails that need to be seen to or answered. Whee!

I have had no time here, peoples. It's just insane.

To do: make icon involving Peter Pettigrew and Cedric Diggory, thus:
[Pettigrew looking skeezy] I poke
badgers [Cedric looking hot] with
[green AK fizzle] SPOONS!

This insomnia/bad sleep schedule thing is for the birds. I go to bed at 10:30, which is a reasonable hour considering that I woke at 6:30, got to work at 7:30, got out of the building at work at 8:00 (note that this is 12 1/2 hours later), and home at 8:30. Then I wake up at 2:30 in the morning. That's 4 hours sleep. That is NOT cool. And I'm only remotely tired right now, which means maybe I'll get to sleep by 5, and I've got to be up again by 6 and to work at 7.

I told Stressy College Chick that I've given up on getting even a remote semblance of a proper night's sleep on the weekends.
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95% packet loss? Unacceptable. 5-20% packet loss? In this context, very good.

Connection repaired as of about 5-ish this morning. Coincidentally, I fell WHAM asleep at about that point. And as I promised, at some point I will look like my mental image of myself. No clue when, and it'll take a while, but I will.
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Two great tastes that actually don't go well together are orange and kiwi. Artificially, in gum, revolting. I'll try a 2nd piece.
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I am out the door with my hair still braided, but I might make it to work on time.
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"Pasta salad with alfredo sauce" is macaroni and cheese for grown-ups.

I continue to be irresponsible with NET SEND. Of course, irresponsibility is relative. It's not like I'm crumpling up paper and tossing it across the room. (This time. The other times, I completely missed my target by about 4 inches. Much better than hauling off and hitting the co-worker with a fist, eh? Anger management is great.)

I send myself Booths Behaving Badly draft e-mails throughout the weekend, so I can forward it to the Sunday II check-in and the person making the seating chart, so the person doing the seating chart won't seat people there to start with, and the check-in will know that no one should wind up there, period.

Sunday I is a very quiet shift, and stuff that's gotten put aside the rest of the week can get done today.

The staff for Sunday II is starting to drift in just about now.

OMFG brainless n00b coming in for the 1pm Sunday shift, claiming he's been doing this for the last three weeks. Um, NO. There is no Sunday 1pm shift. And I have been working Sundays the past 3 weeks, and I assure you that I would have remembered your clueless ass.

Now we have a crowd. Hooray Sunday II.
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Something about one of my neighbors just seems a little off. Not sure if it is the violent profanity, the aura, the swastika patch on the jacket, the way he was lurking at the top of the stairs in classic I-am-hiding posture, the threats at owners of clothes, or perhaps the white power patch on the jacket. Can't imagine what might have made me want to avoid him.
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30 minutes. Finally, a decent chunk of time spent talking with Darkside, and talking with him without other interested parties about.

Since our lives have been eaten by work lately, it makes sense that we'd wind up talking about work (him and the insane filtering rules that keep them from doing their jobs, me and the insane people, including that moment with the young man today and the 1 pm shift) and geeking. Ahhh, the geeking.

I find it highly amusing that the same costume can be used to represent either Neo blasting into Agent Central or a really disgruntled high school student. There was happy gossip over the in-joke about Darkside's being his workplace's Token Guy on the Edge, see. Oleg came up, though not by name. (Tay-Tay, remember "Free Oleg"?) [Backstory: this kid Oleg came to school as a Disgruntled Postal Worker in a well-executed imitation suicide bomber vest for Halloween one year; I think it was '95. The costume wound up in his gym locker. Some months later, someone saw the costume, naturally didn't connect it with Halloween, and the whole school went apenuts with a bomb scare at -30°F weather. Students protested Oleg's suspension.] There was discussion over the best construction of scary-looking harmless devices.

(Pause in which I attempt to Google "Free Oleg", and mostly get Oleg Taktarov; longer pause for reflection upon images of this Russian martial artist; suitable interval for pondering if I had better duck lest a new fandom hit me in the head; a slightly more sober and less internet-hooked pause to wonder if I even find the guy attractive, which ... really ... no. Rugged does not do much for me as a look for men. Rugged does great for me as a look for electronic equipment, though. Speaking of which, I wonder where that site that compared rugged laptops went? )

I seem to have found the key to a good long gossip session. Shop talk is fun. Geek shop talk is better.
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