December 7th, 2005

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Travel Plans: SF for the end of December!

... jalapeño mead. Dude. That is ... extreme brewing. (This WTF moment brought to you courtesy of the Academy.)

I'm going to be visiting Guide Dog Aunt over the holidays. Guide Dog Aunt lives just outside of San Francisco, and she thinks my plan of letting myself loose on the public transit and meeting up with friends for a day is a capital one. I'll also be in & around Lake Tahoe for Christmas.

I'm plotting exactly which days I'll be going as we speak -- locals around that neck of the woods, input?
running, bomb tech

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Panexa. Link via theferrett. Eating/drinking while reading is not particularly advised.

I don't believe that I've ever before used the word "ninnyhammer" in quite the vicious, appalled tone as I use it to describe Bridget Jones, of the infamous Diary. The style is compelling, but is better-served in the parody. One may argue that Bridget Jones herself is a parody of the life of the desperately single career woman, which arguably she is, but ... I've met at least one of her.

If someone is like Bridget Jones, please to be having at least one or two redeeming characteristics, because if not, I'm staying very far away from you, and I'd appreciate likewise. Little senseless married woman with that black sweater with the neon accents, I'm looking at you. ... all right, I've finished the book, and Bridget Jones does have a few redeeming features. Unlike the psychic vampire masquerading as a co-worker.