December 8th, 2005

running, bomb tech

(no subject) "It wasn't there again today./ I think it's from the CIA." Why the powered shovel is called a snow shooter in certain parts of the world. Hallelujah: CTY style. Shrieking toddlers. Shrieking toddlers with the vocabulary of modern teenagers, no less. Good Snape is not a square circle. Discussion of textev supporting Good!Snape. I really do need to learn Spanish in self-defense. Bitchcakes. la antropología es la gran puta mierda asquerosa chupavida coño mamajuevo carajo chingato hijueputa, puta puta puta puta puta.

merry_smutmas has some very good Potterverse smut. But are you getting pissy because the inquiries are illegitimate, or because they're all too legitimate? All prettily tied up! (Crackfic, not safe for work.)
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running, bomb tech

Back in Black

I discovered at some point in my Goth Phase that black did not stain like the other colors did. This became crucial with art classes daily in high school. Currently, I am a klutz, and I spill things on myself, things including, but not limited to: household chemicals, solid foodstuffs, water, implements of temporary writing, implements of permanent writing, cosmetics, highly-colored liquid foodstuffs, office chemicals, cat hair, cake, death, wax, vinegar, and wine. For most of these things (with the exception of bleach and bleachlike substances), black will take the least damage. In order to not have spilling happen, I need to either sit in one place with a book and no pens, doing nothing and touching nothing, or I need to be so careful as to preclude my having any actual fun or getting any work done. In order not to have staining happen, I need to either not spill, or wear stainproof clothing. Stainproof black won out.

One of my favorite black shirts, the all-black Nine Inch Nails one, with black printing on black cloth, was a casualty of a bathtub in severe need of bleach. The resulting burned-looking brownish-orange marks looked intentional, though, so it's now one of my coolest pieces of clothing, and almost assuredly without duplicate.

I'm a Winter, so I can get away with black, especially with darker lipstick to (vanity) wash out that perpetual patch of reddened skin at the lower right corner of my mouth.


Genes and memes, genes and memes.

Good genes.
Bad memes.
Bad genes.
Good memes.

Good genes.
Good memes.
'Good God!'
Azz screams.

Default icon swapped from the Harry Potter young!Rita Skeeter shock "My story, my spin" to Cyteen.
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twilight, Fairbanks to Phoenix, two worlds

Poll upcoming.

Plotting San Francisco holiday.

For locals:

Best dates for this, given that I will be unavailable the 24th, elsewhere the 25th, gods know what the 26th?

Available dates for me being there start on the 20th and end on the 2nd, subject of course to airline blackouts and work schedule and all and all.
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twilight, Fairbanks to Phoenix, two worlds

Travel! San Francisco! Seeing people!

I'm planning to be in San Francisco, in zip code 94044, over the winter break. (I'm staying with Guide Dog Aunt and her family, so raranax is exempt from voting, unless he wants to poke the poll with a stick.) Last confirmed day of work is the 18th. I'm not sure exactly when I'm leaving yet, due to not having bought tickets yet, but I should be getting there sometime either on the 19th or after that. pyrogenic has claim to a slice of time sometime before the 23rd. The 24th through 26th will probably be busy, as there's a road trip and family stuff will probably be happening. I'm not sure, at this point, if I'm going to be there for the New Year or not, because of work and travel and suchlike things.

As things start to fall into place, I'll be working up one of my signature Scheduling Goddess calendars.
(Darkside hasn't responded yet to my ping about claiming holiday time with me. No clue if/when he will.)

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