December 12th, 2005

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Deck the halls!

Work had us sign up in up to ten teams of up to ten people each to enter a decoration contest. Being a silly, I decided to enter the contest. Collapse ) I came in on Wednesday and started putting it all together, and evidently made quite a sensation.

When I do Art, I don't do half-measures. My co-workers are used to me walking around with a clipboard or sitting primly behind a desk, with the occasional dive-under-desk-after-computer moment. Wednesday saw me sitting on the grungy break room floor with bits of construction paper scattered around me, paste on my fingers, nose, and hair, and an expression of glee matched only by that five-year-old who's just made a plaster handprint for Mom.

I explained a little later in the evening to the Trader Joe's Queen Monitor that yes, people without the artistic vision could too help out, because it's one thing to see what you want to do with a hundred leaves and a bunch of paste, but it's entirely another thing to sit there with the green paper and scissors and cut out all those hundred leaves. You have to have both vision, patience, pattern-following, and follow-through to do that, and while I had plenty of vision, I was not at all good at the sitting and cutting out leaves bit. She could see where I was coming from, and was newly appreciative of her ability to sit and follow a pattern patiently.

I left Wednesday with the feeling that we had only two major sources of competition in the contest: group 1 and group 8. I came back to see that group 1 was totally kicking butt, but we'd improved. As of Sunday morning, group 8 had been left in the dust, and we were neck and neck with group 1. I stayed late after finishing up my shift this morning to put the final touches on our work. I started around 4:45, and worked through until 6:30 or so. One of the Group 1 people was there finishing up theirs as well. Naughty Boy was helping with both -- he was in my group, but his friend was in Group 1. Naughty!

Our scene was a fireplace with cat on mantle. They had a Nativity scene, with subtle and effective use of three-dimensional construction paper effects. Our three-dimensional effects, while effective, are certainly not subtle.

Braided paper rug next to paper fireplace

At this point, it's really down to the personal taste of the judges, whether they consider a beautifully-crafted simple scene to trump a more exuberantly-crafted piece with great attention to detail or not. I'd be hard-pressed to judge between the two.

(photo album of our group's panel)
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E-mailed Darkside on the crucial topic of my vacation, with special attention to my actual phone number. Bless his heart.
phone, cordless phone

Spoonerisms and other work-related accidents

"I'm having a mad bath day, aren't I." -- me, upon realizing that 23+2 = 25, instead of 24.

Teaching Pink Shirt Guy a few things about computers, specifically, spreadsheets. He strikes me as sarcastic and cynical enough to have made a good BOfH had he gone into the correct field.

Dismissing phone goons for break takes a lot of boring repetition in hollering things. To wit: "If you're not on the phone, go ahead, go on break; if you're not on the phone, go ahead, go on break; if you're not on the phone, go ahead, go on break; if you're not on the phone, go ahead, hit the computer; if you're not on the phone, go ahead, go on break..."

One booth is out because the left-side control key isn't working. This is an insurmountable obstacle for the less tech-savvy. One booth is out because the CRT is going bad, and no longer displays yellow. Our survey telnet is white text on blue background. This means it's now pink text on a blue background, which is very good for gender awareness, but also very difficult to read, and an insult to the tender masculinity of no few phone goons.

Resp: "I don't believe in surveys."
Phone goon: "I assure you, they're very real, sir. ... Are you real?"

It, for the love of God, is hassle, not hastle. I assure you. Also, see Bob the Angry Flower on the subject of apostrophes. Trust me, the little NET SEND in the direction of your booth on the topic was a veritable love note.