December 16th, 2005

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Christmas Trauma

ataniell93's workplace has passed the point of Christmas decoration no return. But not, it seems, quite far enough: "...They still haven't done anything that I can tell them is a fire hazard. Except for the burning in my brain."

norabombay suggests: "...At this point? Christmas would be improved by involving Darth Mr. Potato head."
mamadeb: "I find it hard to imagine much that wouldn't be improved by Darth Mr. Potatohead."

Further down the thread:

ataniell93: "And now I'm wondering if I couldn't find a string of Star of David lights somewhere. Because really, if I get blinky lights, don't I win or something?"
mamadeb: "Here. Okay, it 's not a string, but it does blink annoyingly."

I think Dad would like this product:
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First, the pot roast. I was making beef jerky the other day, and I'd been marinating the meat in the house teriyaki sauce. One of the hunks of pot roast (it was what was on sale) was left over after I'd filled the dehydrator. I plopped it in the crock pot with a large can of mushroom soup. It looked lonely, so I grabbed the mostly-full jar of marinara sauce that I probably wasn't going to use any time soon, and since it still looked like it needed something, and I was too lazy to cook rice, I dumped in some instant mashed potato flakes.

It cooked for a whole day; I made sure to stir it and add enough water. After the 24 hours or so were up, the results smelled and tasted like a divine crossover between teriyaki, BBQ, garden-variety beef stew, and of course pot roast. It even tasted good after the scorched tongue.

Tonight, chocolate covered cherries. I've got cunning plans with those, so this is my beta test. I got some commercially preserved fruitcake cherries at the store this evening and used those in my new molds. Tasty! I experimented with a syrup filling as well.

I know my own preserved cherries and the cherry syrup will beat the commercial cherries and the corn syrup completely, but the current batch tastes fine. There were a few minor issues, and if I plan to keep doing this, I'd best to be getting a more durable set of molds, but whee! Chocolate-covered cherries that aren't as dreadfully labor-intensive as hand-dipping! Just paint the mold with chocolate, chill, fill, chill, cover, chill, and eject. (They don't like coming out, I can tell you.)

John thinks that the cherries with syrup should be called XCherries.

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Geek Time

Icon to make:
"I read Slashdot for the articles."

...Hey, there's a lot of wank with both Playboy and Slashdot.
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Today's the Pan-Holiday Party (theoretically) at work. Winners of the decoration contest will be announced. I'm bringing the beta release of my chocolate covered cherries. Ingredients are semi-sweet chocolate chips, preserved fruitcake cherries, and (in about half of them) corn syrup. (In addition to what's already in the cherries.)

The production release of same will have upgraded ingredients.

I have a cough. It started out as a sniffle and a tickle last night. I rather fear that I was doing too much running about in the chill air yesterday evening, because my lungs get unhappy with me if I do that. At least I'm to a point where my muscles are happy to do things that my lungs aren't?

I'm all dressed up, for certain definitions of "dressed up". I have on a green swirly-skirt (dry clean only, which is why I don't wear it more often), one of my black shirts, a black cotton sweater with sparkly buttons, a string of garnet, matching lipstick, and the holly/bells/ribbons headband I made last year for this same party.

It should be bearable. I like many of my co-workers. The ones who irritate me tend to irritate me for reasons of their competence on the job, rather than personality clash. And, understandably, competence on the job means that they're not working in any form of supervisory capacity, which means I have the edge when dealing with them, because I'm not on the phones these days.
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Headachey, weak, aching, & probably feverish. Would go home sick and stay there if I thought I could.
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Layoffs all over the place. I got to tell two people the bad news. This is on top of temps being let go back to be re-assigned.