December 18th, 2005

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La, la. Books and best friends.

Talked with Darkside for 45 minutes. Indeed, work/geeking seems to be the best topics of conversation. He keeps me at least a little in the industry; I help keep him sane.

A Wind from the South is now on my warm little hard drive. I bought a second copy, so the copy in amberfox's Gmail is entirely legal & 100% piracy-free!

Darkside is concerned about me being sick. I guess he's not used to dealing with me this sick on a regular basis. I'm not, anymore. I've gone from 80% miserable to only 20% at the moment, and I intend to get back in bed and spend the rest of the night asleep and dreaming the strange but productive and repetitive dreams about packaging up sinus drainage and getting it out of my way. I can feel that it's not a serious illness, that all I need to do is rest and let my body take care of itself. Meanwhile, dishes aren't getting done...

... just plain exhausted. I wonder if I will be able to make it in to work this morning later on.
running, bomb tech

Awake! Alive!

I'd like to extend thanks to all the friends and acquaintances who helped this past night in keeping me from drowning on the migratory sinus-goop.

As Darkside predicted, I am capable of going to work today. So that's where I'll be.
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For once, I am using my design training. My job could really be sped up with a relatively simple program.
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Hooray for geeking!

This morning I lost time in geeking again. I've been batting about the idea of a check-in timesaver program for a while, mostly in my head, and I've been meaning to start drafting up a requirements document in my spare time. I mentioned that to Darkside last night.

It seems that mentioning things to Darkside is a good thing, because before I knew it this morning, I had about a 3/4 page of requirements for the simple system, and was cheerfully telling Pink Shirt Guy about the idea.

Pink Shirt Guy found the idea good, started counting off on his fingers the number of people who'd need to be involved to develop such a thing, and told me to send it off to the manager whose office is one over from the corner office when I was done with it.

I poked at the requirements a little more, then spent a good chunk of time working on an HTML mockup of the thing. I was still hard at work on that when my opposite came in. I ran the concept past her, and she thought that would be so cool.

The draft requirements document and the html mockups have been sent off to the manager in question. They don't do anything -- they just look cool. There are two pages, one in People List mode, and one in Seating Chart mode. They demonstrate people in each of the four modes: in the right booth, absent, in the wrong booth, and logged in but not on the list. Temp Andy Adams is behaving perfectly. Jim Kirk is nowhere to be found. Mike Zorro (the company's designated Test Login) is here, but just a little out of sync with everybody else. Susan Ivanova came in for an extra shift and needs to be added to the list.

I swear, it took longer to convince the computer to let me create an HTML file than it did to actually write the requirements document. The playing-with-HTML itself was longer, but that's because there was all sorts of tweaking and tables and I was writing this from the ground up in Notepad, because I'm not a developer and I don't have those tools. Plus my forms are dreadfully rusty. I know it's all crap and will have to be torn out completely to make the actual system, but it looks pretty smart as a mockup. (Management? Is probably not going to see any difference between the mockup and the actual product, and gods help me if I get an over-inflated reputation for my 1337 c0de skillz, because I am so, so shite at coding. Fortunately Management has real geeks who can tell her that this is just a mockup and to not expect too much from the n00b.)

If this goes nowhere, it's a Sunday morning spent in restful leisure. If it goes somewhere, I'm going to be more thrilled than a very thrilled thing.
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I guess it's mostly that I'm not used to anyone thinking seriously of my little bits of vaporware. It's immensely flattering. I would be exceptionally happy as a part-time designer, I think.
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A decent backpack is a very good thing. I have a thing about travel. I think I would do very well with a roaming job.
Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd


Before I forget (again), the updated Trip Timeline thinger:

Monday 19th: Pack like a mad thing. Finish errands requiring presence in Arizona (library, mailing crap, &c.)
Tuesday 20th:
  • Bus to airport. (Red Line to Terminal 2.) I'll want to be there 2 hours ahead of boarding time, which means I'll want to be there at 11:30am, which means I'll have to depart the apartment at 9:15, because I'd rather be far too early than late.
  • Potentially hang out with hcolleen, who has the mad 1337 skillz, not to mention the security badge, to chill at the gate with me.
  • Watch explicit imported animation on laptop at gate & get busted by airport security, but not before traumatizing several screaming children who will never look at an octopus the same way again.
  • Get picked up by Guide Dog Aunt around 3:30 local time.
  • Explore the nitty-gritty details of the LAN.
  • Avoid being sucked into massive gaming session with cousins.
  • Figure that current Best Friend would get along with cousins far better than previous fiance.
  • Remember that Best Friend is a PC kind of guy.
  • Plot to introduce Best Friend to the friendly world of Mac.
  • Collapse with utter exhaustion.

Wednesday 21st: Nothing currently scheduled (Guide Dog Aunt may have nefarious plans).
Thursday 22nd: Get borrowed by pyrogenic for entire day, more or less. [Tentative: Introduce pyrogenic to ataniell93, incidentally meeting her face-to-face for the first time?]
Friday 23rd: Nothing currently scheduled.
Saturday 24th: Family Road Trip. (Yes, I got the Dramamine.) (Guide Dog Aunt is a California Driver. I might be getting used to them. Maybe. Dramamine is Just In Case.)
Sunday 25th: Family Christmas.
Monday 26th: Whee, Lake Tahoe.
Tuesday 27th: Whee, Lake Tahoe.
Wednesday 28th: Family Road Trip, Part II: The Return.
Thursday 29th: Meet up with people in SF area??
Friday 30th: Fly back to Phoenix. Arrive Phoenix appx. 2pm. Bus home. Call Darkside. Call Guide Dog Aunt. Collapse.
Saturday 31st: ??
Sunday, 1st Jan 2006: ??
Monday 2nd: ??
Tuesday 3rd: return to work!