December 28th, 2005

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Tonight, tonight

Today: Exploratorium. Without pyrogenic, but with Aunt-Fayoumis. I am somewhat devoutly hoping that perhaps Parnelli (the Poodle of Doom, who is a Guide Dog Puppy-in-Training, one of about thirteen experimental poodles in the program) will not be coming with us, but I fear that this is a futile hope, because Guide Dog Puppies go everywhere. The poodle is 9 months old as of the 21st, and very energetic. And stealing my dirty underwear. Are Guide Dogs supposed to do that?

I'm perhaps not a dog person. That, and raranax has already had enough of said poodle, even though it is cute and friendly, and his opinion is contagious.

I thanked both present aunts for not being psychotic, and explained that I'd been reading Holiday Tales of Woe from friends. So. Glad.

I'm on the road to recovery re: the cold, I think. I have most of my voice back for speaking. I was afraid that the coughing has done permanent damage to my singing voice. I may get that back, or I may not. Given that for a few nights I was terrified that the cold would be the death of me, I may be upset if my voice doesn't come back, but I'd rather be alive without a singing voice than dead, also without a singing voice.

The walk on the beach last night was great. I love beach. I really love beach. I love getting soaked and then whipped around by the wind. My aunts were cold. I was happy. -- book_of_daniel joins a gym. Via metaquotes. I think fannish_fitness might appreciate a link to this one.

Conscious, responsive woman taken off ventilator in Texas. Where's the Culture of Life? -- Those personals usernames to avoid.
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Change of plans today. Exploratorium very crowded. Sightseeing instead. Now behind a funeral procession.
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This place is beautiful enough to hurt. My camera is not doing it justice though I try. Hills in the fog and sun.
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In the comments to this entry, there is crackfic, finest-kind. Fox/Minerva. Dana/Alastor.

Tonight looks to include a sewing project. Aunt-Fayoumis and I are going to try our mightiest to concoct a skirt. The fabric is gorgeous, and far too reminiscent of Tom Riddle up to no good, though the red version would have been either better or worse, depending on your perspective. If it's a simple enough pattern, I'll get the hang of it and be able to put it together on my own back home with some degree of success. If it's not ... I'll figure it out somehow.

I might not be having as much fun with the transit system as I'd imagined I would. Since the Exploratorium plans didn't work out today (way, way crowded) we're going tomorrow morning early, as Borderlands doesn't open until noon. Guide Dog Aunt says she'll just drop me off there. And the whispering tells me that I'll find coming home on the transit system much easier.
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Guide Dog Aunt is cooking a lamb curry out of an Indian cookbook. This is resulting in a lot of chapati humor.
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Fabric follies

There are sewing misadventures. Keep in mind this is the first time in years that I have been sewing, and also that this is essentially my first time ever working with a pattern. I am a decent operator of a sewing machine, but not a particularly good follower of exact instructions when it comes to something I've not practiced following instructions on before.

Things were going along fine until Aunt-Fayoumis realized that the pattern as given was not likely to be comfortable or flattering on my lumpy self. Desperate measures were called for, things were stitched together that were not meant to be stitched together, and seamrippers were employed.

Things proceeded to go along swimmingly after that, but then the sewing machine commenced making this funny clunking noise. Incidentally, I really despise dealing with the sewing machine's bobbin area. Scary things happen in there, and I don't have a map of how the $#&*@# thing goes together.

We decided it's best to be knocking off for the night and resuming in the morning. Bad when the damn thing makes scary clunking noises, especially when parts that are supposed to be moving start moving too much, and then not at all.

If the skirt ever gets finished, it should look pretty killer.