January 3rd, 2006

running, bomb tech

Hooray! The comic's live!

crossovercomic (coincidentally at http://www.crossovercomic.com) is live.

I am the Literary Consultant. My role in this is small, but I'm still immensely thrilled about the whole thing. Called Shawn and we talked about the comic quite a bit.

The comic is bandwidth-intensive: it takes a significant amount of time to load for me, and I have broadband. The title graphic takes 5 minutes to load for dial-up, Shawn says. (He had other commentary about dial-up, but I think I don't need to kick his ass in public.)

I am immensely amused that with <lj user="crossover"> taken, and presumably with crossover.com taken, both Shawn and I opted for "crossovercomic" -- without discussing it with each other. We do things like that. It would be more eerie if I weren't already used to it from high school.

As Literary Consultant, Shawn contacts me with his brilliant ideas, I go over them and help him fill them out and sharpen them up, we bounce ideas off each other, he does strange and mysterious things without contacting me for months on end, then he posts the finished comics.

I go over them with red pen and e-mail him corrections he needs to make that the spell-checker didn't catch, like swapping "they're" and "their" (to pick a perfectly random *coughprologuecough* example).