January 4th, 2006

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Bizarre moments...

What with all the Chuck Norris legends going around...
... have any of our Potter!fans given a thought to the fact that there's a Mrs. Norris?

... I'm not sure I want to know what some of you people will make of this.
running, bomb tech

And so the seasons change.

Every year I try to re-read at least the previous year of journal entries in their entirety. It's one of the things I do, to make sure that I remain true to myself and remember the lessons I've already learned, so there's no need to learn them again.

Since it still takes me a while to read, and since one of the resolution-type things that I've been doing and trying to stick to is the one where I try and walk at least a mile a day, I'm only to almost the end of January 2005 so far.

It's rough going. I just watched the dissolution of my family again, complete with the final parenting argument with my soulsister's ex-fiance. There was work stuff. There was moving stuff. There was scary social drama stuff. There was stuff that really broke my brain and shredded it. January and February were not good months in 2005.

There were good things. Getting some space of my own was good. Rabbit Hole Day was awesome.

I'm not half so morose now as I was feeling before my shower. I am clean, with a nice toasty-warm bright pink nightgown on. figment0 stopped by a little earlier with an item that was his wife's that he thought I'd appreciate. And I do. Oh, indeed, I very much do. I am embracing my inner Pretty Pink Princess here.

I imagine work will have gotten back up to something near speed tomorrow. There were only a handful of people in today, according to Figment, who was one of them, and they were all on the phones, near enough.
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I count stocking up the Little Fayoumis's vocabulary with the words I know he was feeling but didn't have the words for as one of my most important acts as a parent. The knowledge that someone else understands this thing you are feeling, and there is even a word for it, is priceless.

I went to work, but I wasn't scheduled in today. This means that I get to go to the writing group as scheduled!

This also means that I need to make sure that my actual written pieces are on the computer somewhere.

I was thinking about going out for a random Explore on the bus, since it's that kind of air out today, but I came back inside and started reading stuff on the computer.

http://www.laconiv.org/2006/maps/hilton-dw-parlor.gif -- must write e-mail.

Dinner for One is evidently somewhat of a Tradition in certain places overseas. I wouldn't mind it being a Tradition for me, either.