January 12th, 2006

bleeding, Ryoko

Pain & injury

I have a weird pain threshold. It's the sort of thing that will have me sulking over a hangnail until it heals (actually, hangnails are pretty sharp sorts of pain, but that's beside the point) and then whacking my leg into a sharp desk corner, getting a nasty-looking top layer of skin gouge that either fails to bleed or just slightly prickles with blood, having an alarming bruise ... and wondering where the hell it came from.

I notice it at the time, of course. I'm always smacking into something or other, and it always hurts when I do it. But it's not worthy of committing to long-term memory unless it's something truly epic, or truly painful, or truly dumb, or in some way distinct from all the other times I've mashed myself and gotten an owie.

Evidently bumps, scrapes, and bruises that you don't know how you got are indicative of Problems of some sort or other.

Pain hurts. Why remember it?
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Notes for the Geek Housekeeping thing (shower time inspirations)

theferrett already wrote the book on LAN parties.
What's your cleaning style, background or batch job?
What to have redundancies on and where you can skimp.
Cable ties, proper use of. The Xmas ornament hanger & push-pin way to a trip-free floor. How much cable to get and why.
Snack foods at the computer: crumby, drippy, bite sized, and big. Which is neatest! (Quizzie: rate your snack?)
Liquids near the computer: safeguarding, spillproofing, emergency recovery.
Adapting common household tips for the geek attention span.
Get your ass out the door in the morning for work! Timing your morning routine, alarm clocks, on-task triggers, preparation, shortcuts, redundancies
Stay-At-Home Geek? Beating boredom, honing house-fu.
Targeted Cleanup Tips: co-workers, dates, buddies, parents, and kids.
How to kid-proof your geek digs, with sections especially for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, barely-rational, elementary, and teen.
Emergency de-geekification: what makes your pad look geeky, and how to conceal it if you really want to (but why would you?)
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