January 13th, 2006

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Overview: tired!

Finished up the bulk of the floppy copy project at work. Today is for burning, after Management gets them sorted. There were about 400 disks in all. (Holy mackerel, I'm tired of poking at that stuff!) 4.75 hours on that, and another 1.25 hours cleaning up in field. Then, off the clock, an hour of serious geeking with the Cute Desk Guy.

figment0 gave me a lift home. I was tired.

A not-many-holds-barred discussion launched about the brand-new project I'm plotting with quillismightier. onyxrising has been shanghaied in.

I was still awake poking at old entries when I heard an almighty crash from the direction of my pantry. Seems a shelf started giving way, off-balance with heavy glass and plastic bottles of assorted liquids stacked up.

Nothing says 4am quite like waking up your downstairs neighbors with your liquor cabinet cascading in their direction. Nothing broke, at least, though there were a few distinct clown car moments with me trying to figure out if I could let go of the one thing to see to the other. It was sort of like a very fragile game of Jenga, only with more 4am and less fun-for-the-whole-family.
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Monitoring today. Short shift. Not much to do. Friday 13 and a nearly full moon. A good night. I hope. Validating.