January 14th, 2006

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Potential Hallucination

Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor blames me for the coffee he had to get last Sunday morning.
He tells it roughly like so:

So there I was getting off the bus and I'm about to cross the street but I see this THING! It's PINK! And it's GLOWING! It's sort of sending up these little sparkles! I look away, I'm imagining things. I look back. Still there. There's this drunk guy lying on the sidewalk. I ask him if he can see it. He's all, 'man, I'm drunk.' And I'm, 'I'm not.' So no way am I crossing the street! It's scary!

So in order to clear his mind of this hallucinatory pink sparkling thing, he hits the Circle K for some coffee, because sometimes when way back in your past you have done some substances, sometimes they come back to visit you again. And the reality that it's just his damn strange co-worker in a pink velvet cloak does nothing to change his mind that the thing is in fact a magic cloak.

Today, Rev. Not-So-Nice Super had, for some obscure reason, organic dog biscuits. And (it seems) he swore up and down in the break room that the first pretty girl he saw after he came out, he'd offer her one to see if she'd eat it.

My opposite was the first one tagged. She tasted it, but figured out something was up. She grumbled at everyone who'd been in the know, wanting know why they hadn't warned her. Obso1337 Super would have, but that he'd been looking the wrong direction when Rev. Not-So-Nice Super handed it to her, and by the time he turned around, it was too late. "What are you eating that for? It's a dog biscuit!" he'd said as she was wiping at her tongue with a paper towel.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super kept up this thing for most of the second half of the shift. We suggested some deserving targets. He refused to offer one to the One-Man Bald Nudity Crusade, on the very reasonable grounds that the dude would probably rat him out.

The other day he had a pack of shocking gum. He offered some to me. I declined, saying that another supervisor (Shocking Gum Super, in fact) had already given me some. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice ... won't get fooled again.

As an aside, Rev. Not-So-Nice Super's practical jokes and teasing could really easily cross the line from extreme and funny to really extreme and not at all funny, but for the fact that the guy knows when to back off (for the most part). If someone is genuinely getting upset/pissed off/not amused, he backs off and generally doesn't involve them in future pranks. He knows how to take it and how to dish it out, and he does not dish it out to anyone unless they have dished it out to him first. He counts chiming in and agreeing when someone else is serving it up as 'dishing it out' as well. He knows that his idea of funny skirts the wrong side of 'appropriate for work', so if there's any question, he plays it safe.

Intentionally or unintentionally, bullying jokers don't take what their target thinks of it as a message to stop. And they keep on picking on someone. And they use "can't you take a joke?" to pretend that what they're doing is OK.
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Still not fully awake. Lonely in my head. The next stage of it all comes at a price. Nita knows this division.
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Car sitting as of thursday. V will be @ writing group wednesday! Must get out early thursday for airport trip.
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So tired. (do I get dumped from public office for that?) Monitoring today. Good phone goons. So tired.